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  1. rsreddy82

    Filling Amendment outside US

    I came down to India for Visa stamping on Jul 2nd and got stuck with 221g. Due to 221g, i lost my job and started applying for new jobs and now i have a new contract (MSA/SOW) and emailed new contract information to US Consulate in order to support my 221g. I got a call from US Consulate asking me to submit LCA and H1 Amendment. As the new contract is in different location (200miles away) so I filled my LCA and waiting for approval which i am hoping to receive early next week. Since I am outside USA and my i94 records shows as exited US, will I be able to apply H1 Amendment? and what are the documents required to apply H1 Amendment
  2. rsreddy82

    Correction in DS 160

    I have completed and submitted DS 160 and have booked appointment in July 1st week. I realized that I have entered incorrect wage rather than mentioned in LCA. Since I have already submitted so how do i get it corrected?
  3. rsreddy82

    H1B Visa interview

    I am planning to go for visa interview in July'18 at Hyderabad. My last stamping expired in Sep 2015, so I am not eligible for dropbox and also it was through a different employer in London(employer A). I moved to Employer B in Dec 2013 and working at Federal client and have approved petition until Nov 2019. I am working on EVC model from Dec 2013 in the same location/ client. I have the required client and vendor letter and will be carrying for interview and the project is funded until July 2019. And as far as the wage is concern - I am on level 3 wage. My concern is: 1) I did my bachelors in Mechanical engineering but working in IT industry from last 12 years, will this be an issue during the visa interview and how do I justify.. 2) recent trend shows most of people getting 221g, so what are the chances of getting 221g in my case and how long does it take to clear,