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  1. @visa blues: Here is the list, im still working on the list how to get justify the consulate , Client says against there policy to provide the letter. only have vendor letter. All these days working remotely and still continu... 1) An updated itinerary of services or engagements (including both internal and client projects) that specifies the dates of each service, the names and addresses of the actual employers, and the names and addresses of the locations where the services will be performed for the duration of the petition. If you will be working at a client site, please include the following: · 2) A letter (on letterhead) from the personnel department at the US end client company (the job site where you will actually work) stating that there is a vacancy for you. Welcome all suggestions.
  2. @visa Blues: Any update on your case , at last they asked me today to submit the couple of documents ..... to process , im going toing ping my employer. Keep update us.
  3. @ VisaBlues: Its all about own decision. but if you crossed already 6 months then you need to think of side ways (what you said above permanent position). again you said you case was not stuck on EMP-EmP related, if that is the case you may going to hit same sort of query. Giving a new shot is nothing wrong. if im in your situation and crossed 6 month wait period. i'll look for alternative options. Good Luck and keep update us the status.
  4. I am in same situation, attended march 14th (EVC model) and so far no update. Feb attended folks , do you guys got any update from consulate.
  5. @blues: What date you attended for VISA and what slip (White or Something else) they gave you. I just wan to check how long its taking. to get response from Consulate. please share that query is related to Emp-Employer related or something else. All, Any one attended in Hyderabad Consulate and waiting from March, I got White slip (March 14th and EVC Model) and they (Embassy) holding all My H1B Doc...'s, gave me White slip and Client got received email 3rd week of march, after that no response. Please share your experience from HYD consulate.
  6. @Sathya, Did you check with the confirmation number or case number. one should be listed.
  7. @ Visa Blues and Sathya thanks, i thought my case is rejected, when i chked that status , if the message is same for everyone , got little hope. :) now. Crossing the fingers.
  8. as per the below link my VISA is refused. so far i do not have any email from consulate. hope this is accurate info... how is yours status on this.... https://ceac.state.gov/CEAC/
  9. Guys, Check you Case status here. Hope this is accurate one. https://ceac.state.gov/CEAC/
  10. How do guys calling consulate, is there any number for HYD consulate to ask questions. i googled for HYD consulate number and its always referes to VFS only ?
  11. Hi, Here is my experiance. Attended for H1b (EVC) and H4 (wife) on March 14th at HYD consulate and most of the questions are E-E related and gave me 221g White sheet with ticked AAP. after 3 days we received our passports with another white slip same aap ticked. so far no responce from consulate. called so many times DOS until last month they said its still under review. Last week DOS says the case is with consulate and please reach them. when i asked the consulate (HYD VFS), last week i received email from them below pasted. "As per the US Consulate, The Consulate General is required to perform additional administrative processing on many cases before it can make a final determination regarding visa issuance. Sometimes processing is as short as two weeks, sometimes it takes many months to complete. Unfortunately, a specific time frame for the completion of administrative processing cannot be given, as it varies based on the individual circumstances of each case. The Consulate General is aware on how frustrating these delays can be for applicants and do their best to perform the work as quickly as possible." forgot another thing , they contacted my client after a week , once i attended for stamping. Hoping for the best!.