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  1. Does anyone know how much time it is taking for oath to get scheduled after interview in Dallas? my interview date is 1/2.
  2. Dhinv

    Interview / Oath Date - Travel

    Any updates on this? Does anyone know what's the typical wait time for Oath to be scheduled in Dallas?
  3. Hello I have a couple of questions around my citizenship application: Current Situation: We are in Dallas area Filed for N400, Bio metric done. Interview is scheduled for 01/02 at Irving, TX location I need to travel to India in 2nd week of Feb 2020 - March mid 2020 Keeping the above information in view, have following questions: 1. Will the oath ceremony happen on the same date as the interview in Irving? 2. If not, how far is the Oath scheduled after the interview? 3. Will USCIS allow rescheduling the oath? I was planning on scheduling it after I come back from India? 4. Has anyone got the US passport made using the rush service? Since we will have a short window, just want to be sure we have enough time to get the passport made and apply for evisa at ckgs. 5. Do I need to file for Indian passport renunciation immediately after the oath? Or it can wait for a month or 2? Any other recommendations / experience related to my situation will help as well.
  4. I and a US citizen and want to file Green Card for my parents who are in India currently. I have heard that GC can be filed while they are in India (through counselor processing) or while they are here in U.S. My Questions: 1. What is the process of filing through either one of the methods? 2. What are pros and cons, of one vs other. Does the counselor processing take more time? 3. Also heard that travel while GC application is in process may raise questions, although I don't understand the rationale behind it. Thanks for your help in advance. For some reason I am not able to find a side by side comparison of both the methods.
  5. Hi All Apologies for an array of questions in advance: My Situation: I am a permanent resident Will be completing 5 years on 14 Feb, 2019 My Indian passport has expiration date 19 April, 2019 I live in Dallas area Planning on applying for Naturalization in Nov (ie. 90 days before) Planning on visiting India for a month between end of Feb to End of March Questions: What is the general timeline for getting the bio-metrics appointment? From what I have read so far it's usually a month after the 5 year completion. Which in my case appears to be month of March and that's when I am planning on travelling. What are the impacts of missing the scheduled bio-metric, if at all? I looked at the processing times (https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/), for naturalization is the typical wait between bio-metric and interview / Oath. I am confused how the wait time is split? Do they wait to schedule bio metric or wait to schedule the interview? Can I pick a processing center of my choice or it's auto selected at the time of application? There are couple of processing centers in TX. Do I have an option to pick a processing center outside of TX as well? Are interviews and oath ceremonies scheduled onsite at the center? It makes sense for me to get my indian passport renewed since it's expiring a month after 2/14/2019?
  6. Hi My Case: EAD & AP are filed Expecting to receive AP in next couple of weeks Want to travel to Home country after I receive AP Question: What will happen if I receive GC while outside US Can I still re-enter using AP?
  7. Hi I have a L1A visa valid till May 2015 Got I 140 approval Will be sending 485 application soon Questions: Is it ok to travel while AOS is in progress If yes, should i use my visa or AP for reentry Anyone has similar experience, pls share. It may be legal to travel but not advisable.. thanks
  8. Hi I am on L1 visa in Chicago area since past 3 months, my wife and daughter would be joining me soon. They are flying to NY and we have plans to stay there for a week. After which I would drive them back to Chicago. My wife would be flying with my infant daughter, so just want to make sure that she has all the documents & answers she need upfront for immigration. Couple of questions: 1. Flying to NY in place of Chicago: can it potentially be a red flag? The intent is to stay over at my relatives place for a week and then move to chicago. 2. What documents she should should carry apart from her passport?