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  1. imagine5

    Successful Stamping at Vancouver - Nov 7, 2012

    My interview on 11/07 (Wed) was completed by 10 am. My waybill # was posted to my CSC account on 11/10 (Sat) 4 am. The tracking status for my waybill # showed that my passport was picked up from US Consulate at 7:15 pm on 11/09 (Fri). Loomis Express pickup location in Richmond is open Mon-Fri only, and closed on Sat-Sun. Also, Mon. (11/12) was Remembrance Day holiday in Canada (similar for Veterans Day in USA). I picked up my passport today, 11/13 (Tue) 10 am, and will be back into US by tomorrow.
  2. First of all, Thanks to all Murthy members who've shared their experiences here. I am a FTE working in the Bay Area. My appointment was at 10 AM on Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at Vancouver. I reached the consulate at 8:30 AM and they let me in after verifying my Passport, DS-160 confirmation, and I-797. My original I-797 was with my employer and I had a copy only, with me. I was carrying my expired passport as well as the renewed passport, both together. After regular security screening (~5 mins), I was allowed to enter the area on the 1st floor. At Counter 1: Lady: Can I see your Passport, DS-160 confirmation, I-797? ME: Sure, here they are. (I handed those over to her) Lady: Do you have a passport photo with you? ME: Yes, here it is. (I was carrying 2 with me, and gave one to her) Lady: Do you have the original I-797 by any chance? ME: I don't have it here with me, right now. Lady: Is it with your employer? ME: Yes. Lady: Okay, keep your expired passport with other documents, and show it only if asked by the VO. ME: Ok, Thank you. After that, she gave me a token # and asked me to take a seat until they verify my documents. She called me again in ~5-7 mins at Counter 1, and asked for passport, DS-160 confirmation, I-797 again. Then, she pasted my photo on the bottom of DS-160 confirmation page, and entered some code on the top of DS-160 confirmation page (based on their verification) and then, asked me to wait until my token # was called to proceed to the 20th floor. After ~15 mins, I was called up to 20th Floor. At 20th Floor: A lady at Counter 3 took my finger-prints (Left 4 fingers, Right 4 fingers, 2 Thumbs), and then, asked to wait before my token # was called. I got a seat in front of Counters 4 and 5 and then, I was called for the actual interview at Counter 5 in ~10-15 mins. Actual Interview (Amerian Guy ~mid 40s) ME: Good morning Sir (I gave my Passport, DS-160, I-797 copy) VO: Morning. VO: Who's your employer? ME: XX VO: How long have you been working for this employer? ME: 15 months, Aug 2011-Present. VO: Do you have any end client? ME: No. VO: What does your employer do? ME: XX VO: What is your position title? ME: Systems Engineer. VO: What is your salary? ME: XX annually. VO: Does your employer pay you regularly? ME: Yes, very regularly, every 15 days. VO: Did you goto school at School B? ME: Yes. VO: Did you graduate from there? ME: No, I joined this employer before completing the program there. VO: Do you have a US degree? ME: Yes, I have a Masters in EE from School A. VO: So, you last went back home in 2009? ME: Yes, that was Jul-Aug 2009. VO: Can I see your old passport? ME: I gave it to him. (He quickly verified the departure and arrival stamps on that, and gave it back to me) VO: You live in San Jose, you like the Bay area? ME: Yes, it's really good. VO: So, you work and live in San Jose - you don't like the highways? US101? (Smiling) ME: Well, the highways get too crowded during the commute hours. Otherwise they're good. (Smiling) Finally, the VO said: Your visa is approved, and you'll get your passport back in 3-5 business days, by the middle of next week. He also handed me a white sheet of paper, circling the instructions on how to track it with Loomis. I got out of the consulate at 10 AM, and didn't see/hear anyone getting 221g while I was there. Atleast 5 other people (EVC / EVVC) got approved, and 1 guy got Admin Processing (no 221g), probably, just pending pending of his 2 week old H-1B amendment. I'm now waiting for my passport... Hoping get it by Friday evening, so I can return to US over the weekend, and get back to work on Monday. I'll update this post as soon as pickup my passport and return to the US. Good luck everyone!
  3. imagine5

    Visa Stamping in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

    I think I read in multiple posts in this forum itself that: First-time H-1B stamping applicants (e.g., F1/B1/L1 --> H-1B) can't go to Mexico. For H-1B renewal stamping, Mexico is fine. That's the reason, I'm going to Vancouver-Canada; despite Tijuana-Mexico being closer to the Bay area!
  4. imagine5

    DOS contact number? 221g follow up needed

    I have a contact number for DoS - it is: 202-663-1225 But I'm not very sure that's the right one for 221g related follow-up... but you can surely try your luck! Hope this helps, all the best....
  5. I'm not totally sure if there's such an official list available... but here's something that might be useful: http://www.*********.html'>http://www.*********.html http://www.*********
  6. My H-1B visa stamping appointment is also on Nov-7 at Vancouver. I'd appreciate if you could reply to my email: dhruv.dds3@gmail.com Thanks!
  7. My H-1B visa stamping appointment is also on Nov-7 at Vancouver. I'd appreciate if you could reply to my email: dhruv.dds3@gmail.com Thanks!
  8. imagine5

    successfull visa stamp --Vancouver!

    Congrats... I'm a FTE, the company filed my H1 (from F1) in Oct 2011. My stamping appointment is Nov 7, 2012 at Vancouver. You mentioned in your post about sending an email to: vancouverNIV@state.gov to find out about PIMS being updated or not. When should I send this email out? What details should I include in that email? I'd really appreciate if you can share this info. here, or send me an email at: dhruv.dds3@gmail.com Thanks in advance!
  9. imagine5

    H1B stamping in Ottawa Oct 9th

    I transferred from F1-H1 in late 2011 as a FTE. I have my interview at Vancouver on Nov 7, 2012 and I have DS-160 confirmation and I-797. What do you mean by appointment letter? Am I missing something here? I'd appreciate if you can send me a test email at: dhruv.dds3@gmail.com - This would help me discuss more details about all other documents.... Thanks in advance!
  10. imagine5

    Visa Appoitnment at Vancouver on Nov 9th

    My interview appointment is on Nov 7, 2012 at Vancouver. Send me an email at: dhruv.dds3@gmail.com
  11. imagine5

    Visa Approved In Vancouver.... 20TH September

    The 30-day deadline is for the submission of DS-160 form. This means that if you started your DS-160 application today, you have to complete and submit it within 30 days from today. Otherwise, you'll lose all your filled data on the online application and then you'll need to start filling your application again. Your visa interview appointment date doesn't have any sort of time restrictions from the time of submission of DS-160. Hope this information helps!
  12. imagine5

    Successful Stamping - Vancouver Canada Sept 5th

    Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it.... Regards, Dhruv
  13. imagine5

    H1 Stamping in Vancouver, Canada

    My interview appointment is scheduled on Nov 7, 2012 and I know 2 other people with interviews on Nov 6, 2012 in Vancouver. You can reach me at: dhruv.dds3@gmail.com and mention your interview date too.
  14. imagine5

    passport Photo size_ Canada TRV

    I had the same concern when I went to LA in 1st week of August 2012, for my Canadian TRV. I asked around almost all possible places (Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, Target, and even a private photo studio), and none of them would give me the photos in the size mentioned. But, all of them suggested the regular US Passport Size (2 inches x 2 inches) would work. So, finally I got 2 of those from Walmart, and they worked for me. Hope this information helps!
  15. imagine5

    Passport Submittion - After 221 g

    I'm also a FTE at a small company in San Jose, CA and I've my interview appointment at Vancouver on Nov 7, 2012. I would like to know what are the extra documents that you've been asked to submit (due to your 221-G). I'll really appreciate if you can reply me at: dhruv.dds3@gmail.com Good luck to you, and Thanks in advance!