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  1. Sai9690

    H1 amendment - material change.

    Old job titles will not be existing any more.
  2. Sai9690

    H1 amendment - material change.

    Thanks Rahul! If just job title changes with no change in duties/ responsibilities .. Is that a material change as well?
  3. Does anyone one know what type of situations come under material changes ? I couldn't get one answer for that on internet search . Can someone shed light on this ?
  4. Sai9690

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    May I know which service center is this ? California/vermont/ Texas
  5. Sai9690

    221g PINK SLIP

    Which consulate you attended for the interview ?
  6. Sai9690

    Successful H1B visa interview Oct Toronto.

    Hi, I am on EVC model working at client location. I communicate with my employer weekly sending the status report.. Generally client manager assigns me to multiple projects internally based on the requirement. Would it be an issue if we mention that client manager assigns me the work ? What would you suggest the best answer would be regarding that? What did you say?