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  1. Hi, Congrats, Its really good to know they are still approving after 4 times of rejections, can you give more detials on the documentation part, I'm in a similar situation as my Parents got rejects 4 times we have been trying since 2009 and no luck till now. I want to know more details about their documentation if possible.
  2. I'm not in this situation but heard about this from one of my friend who did that earlier without any issues and got stamped, also not sure on vancouver stamping.
  3. yes, you can go for visa stamping before 29th Sept, as there is no rule that you should not go for visa stamping before your visa expiry.
  4. vick45

    Email to congressman fo 221g

    You need to wait as it will not help you anyway.Other thing you could try applying for fulltime positions or join the vendor directly if your currently on EVC model, ask them to file H1B and go for stamping as seen few cases on the murthy forums who did that and got stamped 2nd time atleast instead of waiting for more time .., Its not suggested but may be you can try your luck.
  5. vick45

    Rescheduling biometrics

    Rescheduling the FP is fine, but USCIS will decide the timeframe on the new appointment date based on the next available date at ASC.
  6. Its compulsory to always carry your original 797 copy even though you got lucky on your earlier visits. I was asked to show my original I-797 always at POE. Its better you request the duplicate sooner and travel once you have your duplicate copy., also I guess 18 days visa expiry should be fine to travel but pls check with your lawyer for a 2nd opinion too.
  7. vick45

    H1B approved, can I travel India

    Hi, Your status changed to H1B as of yesterday, so you would require to go for H1B stamping as the immigration officer would know your status at POE.
  8. Yes, as long she has a valid stamp in her passport, she should not face any problem transiting via EU/UK airports as all they care is to have a valid stamp.