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  1. myvisaaug

    Same client and different employer

    Few months back..i was in the same situation... You just answer like better oppurtunity and challenging work.. as long as you know that your are always working for the employer...and employer is assigning you the work..then its fine.. i got visa in august.
  2. myvisaaug

    H1b Visa Approved in Vancouver

  3. Hi All, My Employer filed PERM labor was in SEP 2011..it was audited in december then denied in March 2012. Then Same Employer filed Labor in June 2012. It was audited in Aug2012. Employer saying that " Don't worry , PERM will approve this time." But am not confident.. What are options i have ..Please suggest... If i change to new employer..new employer files the PERM..then what the chances am not receiving audit(Because my information stored at DOL)... Please share your thoughts on this case.
  4. Hi Praveen, I was also same kind of situation in Last month. Don't worry you will get an email on Friday.
  5. myvisaaug

    H1B amendment Checklist

    Hello Folks, Please post the latest H1b Amendment checklist.
  6. myvisaaug

    No Result! after Interview @ Vancouver 21st August

    @kishan and @cursor... I guess consular officer will send the email to your client. They will verify your presence at client location and your assignement dates?
  7. Please post DS-160 Customer support number for Vancouver
  8. Hi All, I upload the photo and it passed the specifications. When i open the application, and reviewing the application. at that time am seeing like photo not provided. How this happen? Please let me know.
  9. Hi, I Came here on University A (Well known university) then moved diffrent university in california (Not trivally , not *******). California university also accreated but not well known.Please suggest the best answer why did you change the university?
  10. Did you attend your visa interview? if attended ..please post your experience.
  11. myvisaaug

    Successful visa on Aug 7th Vancouver (EVC)

    Congrats and thank you for your post.
  12. am also same kind of situation. Don't need to apply for amendment
  13. myvisaaug

    My Visa experience in Vancouver

    Thank you ..