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  1. Hello All, I applied for H4-EAD renewal and somehow USPS returned card as undeliverable back to USCIS. Applied around third week September of 2017 and till now after several requests, there is no response from USCIS. Later triggered the address change request due to change in address and expected card to arrive in 60 days. Now its been 50 days, till now no updates and the status still says card returned undeliverable! Is anyone facing the same issue? Please post or comment on your experiences and also if you were able to overcome this issue. Below is the status on USCIS website! the Post Office returned your new card for Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, Receipt Number XYZ..., to us. We mailed your card to the address you gave us, but the Post Office could not deliver it. The tracking number assigned is UNAVAILABLE. You can use your tracking number at www.USPS.com in the Quick Tools > Track a Package section. We will destroy your new card if we do not receive an address update by (Card returned month and date, 2018+82days). Please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request that we resend the card to you. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.
  2. hemu12

    H1B Stamping Successful @Vancouver 6th Sept

    Hi Sri, Did u get any update on Passport Pick up?
  3. hemu12

    H1B Visa Stamping on Sep4@Vancouver

    Great. Congrats to both of you!!! Just want to know. Did u get your passports? Because I had my Visa Approved, the next day, so waiting for pick up.
  4. hemu12

    Canada Visitor Visa processing time

    If you have all the required documentation , you will get it in 21 days excluding weekends. If anything missing they will return packet to you. Hopefully you will get it this week .My suggestion is keep looking for closer dates to sept 11th and block that one. The dates will open if you check periodically...
  5. Hello everyone, I have a successful stamping today @Vancouver US Consulate general. The entire process took about 2 hrs including interview; Had decent break fast and More coffee before entering the consulate for my 9:30 appt. Reached @ 8:00 only.they will let you in... Questions: 1. Is Xyz...is your employer? Ans: Yes 2. Where is your employer located Ans: City and state 3. Did you study here? Ans: MS in xyz.. 4. When did you graduated? ans: Month and year 5. What is your Annual Salary? ans: xyz..(your pay ..Make sure it matches your records Ds-160, particularly you will provide Monthly salary there) 6.Do you have any other Employer? Ans: No 7. What is your role ? Ans: Xyz..(Make sure thsi matches of what you provide in the DS-160 and also any other docs.) 8. Some more questions on Education , as who supported your education? Ans: My parents and got Graduate aid for couple of semesters 9. Do you work at the employer location? ans: No, I work at the end client ..Name and Location Typed for few seconds..and told your VISA APPROVED!!! and ready to pick up in 2 to 3 business days.. Will be waiting on that one...now... I didn't even took a single document from my file...Except PP and I-797 which were already in the Officer Hands... Make sure give your answers prompt of what he/she asking ..and you will get it... Also, I can say Vancouver is a Cool place to Visit!! Will explore this weekend.. All D best everyone. Feel free to email me @hemb4urs@gmail.com for any questions....
  6. hemu12

    can i mail my canada visit docs to Detroit?

    The only way to obtain Canada visit visa is to Mail the documents. All inperson services are not entertained any more. Don't waste your time and money by going to Newyork, Washington dc. As I went to Washington and came back and mailed the documents to Detroit and got it back in 24 days.
  7. Canada visit visas were not given or no services of inperson at any location. Only we should mail the documents to Detroit or Seattle. This is effective from June 18th. If you have already send your visiting visas to newyork after June 18th, you are gonna get it back....