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  1. svaraj

    Waiting for Passport in Toronto

    I had my interview on Jul 3rd at the Toronto consulate and was approved for L1A but still waiting for my passport. Still do not see any status on https://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/p and neither did I get an email for passport pickup as of today, Jul 07Sat 2 pm EST. Hoping I will receive it atleast by Mon, until then stuck in Toronto hotel. Will appreciate if anyone else who had interview on around Jul 3rd can update their status too.
  2. svaraj

    Toronto visa stamping

    My Toronto L1A stamping experience. Interview and Visa approval on Jul 3 rd, 2012 Provided Brampton Loomis branch for pick up. Still awaiting email for Visa pickup, since Jul 4 was holiday. Going by other emails in this chain it takes 2 business days, in which case I should receive an email conf tonight, Jul 05. Stuck in Toronto hotel until then. The Visa appointment page does not have any info as to the staus of my visa. According to the info site https://usvisa-info....ier_information I should see atleast the status "No Package Available for Pickup" but unfortunately I do not see any status yet. Wish they had handed out visa at the consulate like a few years back. Will update once I receive my Visa, hopefully tomorrow.