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  1. My Visa Interview Questions(don't exactly remember the order): VO:Good Morning ME:Good Morning,how you doing officer VO:Doing good,thanks for asking VO:Did you do MS in USA? ME:Yes VO:What is your Major? ME:Materials Science and Engineering VO:What is your title? ME:Software Engineer VO:Which Company you work for? ME:XXX Inc VO:What does your company do? ME:Provides end to end software solutions for top notch clients(can be a better answer) VO:Where is your company? ME:XXX,IL VO:Who's your client? ME:XYZ Inc VO:Did you work for any other companies? ME:No VO:Have you been benched? ME:No VO:Is this your first H1b? ME:Yes VO:When are you working before this client? ME:Feb 2012 VO:Which client did you work before XYZ Inc? ME:ABC Inc VO:What is your annual salary? ME:XXK VO:Has your salary gone up? ME:Yes VO:Can I see your W2? ME:Yes VO:Does your employer pay you ontime? ME:Yes Then came the golden words.'Your visa is approved'
  2. Friends, Any one having visa apt on Aug 8th at Vancouver can reach me at email:star14b@gmail.com Thanks, star14b
  3. Hi Friends, Anybody having visa apt on Aug 8'th and willing to share accommodation,please email me at star14b@gmail.com Thanks, Star14b
  4. star14b

    ETA for Canada Visit visa in Detroit

    You don't need to submit original documents.Photocopied documents are sufficient.I have applied for CA Visit Visa in LA Consulate in-person and submitted the following docs: Bank Statements - Previous 6 months or Statement from bank stating $amount balance. Paystubs - Previous 6 months. Money Order - 150$ from USPS. Employment verification letter from your H1B holder. I797 Copy. Two Passport size photo's meeting the exact criteria stated in website or you can pick-up from Wallgreens stating your requirement. Canada Visa forms. If possible ticket reservation (I made a refundable reservation and cancelled it after taking a print). Hope this helps.
  5. star14b

    ETA for Canada Visit visa in Detroit

    Depends case-by-case.Generally you should be getting it within 30 days from date of your submission.Until recently same day pick up was available and due to the increasing demand they no longer accept in person applications. Good Luck.
  6. star14b

    Possibility of getting stamped at Hyderabad

    Avoid going to Hyderabad if possible.Instead opt for Chennai.
  7. star14b

    Anyone - Appointment on August 20th @ Vancouver.

    I have mine scheduled for same August 20'th.Might prepone it depending on the availability of slots.Any one wanting to share accomodation pls email @star14b@gmail.com
  8. star14b

    ETA for Canada Visit visa in Detroit

    It might take close to 30 days or even faster.It all depends on your luck.Hopefully you should get it faster.