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  1. Yes, I was on bench in Jan and found a project in Feb 25th (los angeles). My employer says he has not done amendment yet but he has done LCA to Los Angeles in Feb. 1. So the complete Feb paystub having Los Angeles address is right even if Feb 25th was my join date at new Los Angeles Project? 2. And Since I was working on in-house project at New Jersey in Jan the address on Jan paystub should be New Jersey right? (my last project was in NJ and ended in Dec, it has LCA already on NJ). Please respond as my H1 transfer petition filing is in progress by another employer and I will be using these paystubs. I want to understand the address part on paystubs and tell the new employer accordingly. Any help appreciated!
  2. Hi JoeF, You mentioned that even on bench without a client the employer should pay ALL THE TIME. I have a situation where my employer paid me even when I am on bench but the address on paystubs that he generated has my home address (in PST) and not employer's inhouse project address (in EST). Please let me know if this creates an issue during H1 transfer if I use these paystubs as most recent paystubs. Thanks!
  3. anjali

    India travel on OPT after H1b is approved

    Yes, I have F1 stamping valid for another year. What are all the supporting documents needed. Can you please brief? Thanks again!
  4. Hi All, I am on OPT right now and applying H1b this April. I still have OPT extension till Dec 2016. I am working fulltime for a client and client can provide all the documents needed for travel. My question is can I travel to India for my marriage and come back before Oct 1st after H1b approval? Anyone please answer this question as it changes my plans to apply for H1 b this year. -Thanks
  5. Hi, I’m currently working on OPT which expires in July and I still have OPT stem extension which starts from July 2015 and will be good until December 2016. I’m also currently applying for H1 B visa this April. In case my H1 B visa is approved, can I travel to India after the approval and be back to USA before September 30th? Please advise. Thanks
  6. Hello, I have a question regarding my H1 application this year. My H1 got denied last year and I have applied with 2 different employers this april and both of them are picked in lottery. 1) But my question is that both of them got RFE. How long does it take for them to make a decision after the employer has replied to the rfe (both are regular processing)? 2) Does last year reject has any impact on this year's approval process/does it in any way impact on USCIS to take final decision? 3) One rfe was on employers company (to provide more info). Does this kind of query get easily resolved after the employer provides proper documentation? Please anyone answer to the above! Thanks
  7. anjali

    Maintaining Status While H-1B Petition is Pending

    So, all the 3 applications that are picked in lottery will be processed ? They do not ask the applicant A to withdraw 2 of his applications?
  8. anjali

    Maintaining Status While H-1B Petition is Pending

    Hi, I am anjali. My question is related to the lottery system that the USCIS system works on. If suppose applicant A applies 3 non-duplicate applications (applications through 3 different employers) and suppose in the computerized lottery, all the 3 applications are picked... - Will they 3 be processed and replies are sent to the applicant after processing? or - Will the applicant be asked to withdraw 2 of these 3 applications and then later they will go with only one application processing? In which case there will be a chance for 2 other persons(applicant B and C) applications to be processed even if they are not selected in lottery the first time. (USCIS might keep applications on hold and later fill those 2 places). Please let me know as many of us have different approaches on this and many confusions are going around.
  9. Hi, My OPT is expiring on Dec 4th 2013 and I am getting married in Dec so need suggestions on my travel to india. I have my current visa stamped on my 1st Masters until 2018. Is it okay for me to return safe without issues near port of entry with a New i20 (2nd Masters) for spring semester 2014 in an accredited University ? Since I have my visa stamped already on my 1st Masters, my guess is that I do not need to appear for stamping again right? Please help me clearing my doubts... Thanks, Anjali
  10. Hi, I am planning to go for my marriage in Nov this year. My OPT is valid until Dec this year and my H1 if gets approved starts on Oct 1st. Is it okay for me to go to canada and get stamped in Nov 1st week taking all my past 3 months (Aug, Sep and Oct) payrolls??? Or do I need to wait for the payrolls that run on H1 (Oct, Nov and Dec) and go for stamping in Jan 2014??? Please let me know as I heard people say either way is okay and that puts me in a confused state. Even if at all either way is okay, which one is the best option???
  11. Hi, I'm on opt extension right now, which ends on Dec 2013. My employer has already filed for h1b in this April but I got a Query to be answered by July 22nd. Can, I visit India for my marriage in Aug and return before in Sep? I have a valid visa stamped on OPT till 2017 and I have my OPT till dec 2013. I have my university DSO signed latest I-20 copy valid thru dec 203. But since my H1 is been applied this year and it still in processing(a query on it to answer), I am just worried if I can return back in a month (Aug)? can any one suggest me, my next move should be, to get rid of issues from immigration ? please