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  1. balustamp

    Hotels to Stay in Vancouver Canada

    i just came from vancouver this tuesday what i would suggest you is instead of taking motel in vancouver downtown take it suburbs place you can get these cheap and spacious but u hav to travel like 1 hr. what i observe is public transportation is very good u can go any where using skytrains and buses buying day pass it would cost you $9. initially i was in Quality motel which is at 1335 howe street, vancouver but its not good and internet in this motel is worst you can't open your mail too later i changed to comfort inn which is at 8255 166 St, Surrey, BC, Canada. This is brand new one you can find some indian restuarents near by but its 1:15 mins from consulate if u took public transportation. for every 10 mins u can get train so no problem. when exactly your date?
  2. if you say yes or no it wouldn't effect your interview. Any way if you go there they will take your 10 print so don't worry about this
  3. balustamp

    EC or EVC

    The best optionn is like this....take a letter from your client with your employer name on it(don't mention any vendor name in client letter). Keep vendor letter, PO b/w employer and vendor with you. so if VO specially asks about vendor then show vendor letter until and unless never mention Vendor and Good luck.
  4. balustamp

    Salary Question? H1-B Stamping

    ans this que with your paystubs salary and it must be higher than what in LCA and offer letter and if VO ask why its less in LCA/Offerletter tell him that is the minimum pay for my job but my current salary is so and so
  5. yes you will get that along with your passport so don't worry and congratulations
  6. As i know copies will work. I also submitted the copies only and i got visa and it took me 30 days and its from LA. I hope end of the next week you probably get your visa and all the best for your stamping.
  7. balustamp

    Vancouver Visa interview on August 22 2012

    hi sunny i too have the appointment on the same day. here is my mail id balu02408@gmail.com
  8. i also have the appointment on the same day. here is my mails id balu02408@gmail.com so that we can discuss further through mails. thanks.
  9. cool...u gave us a lot more info...this would help a lot and appreciate for your effort
  10. balustamp

    Anyone - Appointment on August 20th @ Vancouver.

    i hav it on aug 22nd and my email id is balu02408@gmail.com
  11. balustamp

    Anyone - Appointment on August 20th @ Vancouver.

    hi dude i hav appointment on august 22nd