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    2nd Job with EAD

    Hi I have a primary job on h1, Recently I got my EAD and my employer is still the same. Today I provided with my EAD card number to my current employer. I am not sure what is their process (if they would change my status from H1 to EAD) Can I do a second job of my own with out informing them. ( a small time consutant work on weekends with out conflicting with my primary job) (1 job with H1 and 1 job with EAD) (both primary job and secondary job with EAD) What is most convenient option for me if I want to change jobs or do two jobs while on EAD ? (Shall ask my employer to let stay on h1 as long as they can and then change me to EAD or shall I change to EAD immediately, ) Its been only 4 months since i got my EAD (not yet AC21), but after 2 months with AC21 which option is more suites to do 2 jobs or switch jobs ? Please advise thanks vjk