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  1. aryareddy

    When can we apply for H4 EAD extensions?

    You can file 6 months before the H4EAD expiration date. https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/temporary-workers/employment-authorization-certain-h-4-dependent-spouses "You cannot file for a renewal EAD more than 180 days before your original EAD expires"
  2. Hi I am planning to go to India during end of march with family (wife and 3 yr old son). I recently joined a full time job (4 months back) My wife is on H4 EAD and is working. I am going there for only 2 weeks, I am hearing cases that it is taking longer ti get the pass ports back. Can some one please share your experiences who has recently went for stamping. Thanks
  3. Hi How did you get out of the situation. I am in same boat now :( Please help ..
  4. Hi Rahul What is the case for me if i apply for H1 Transfer before or after i replied to RFE of H1b extension. Does this depend on the result of my H1B extension decision?
  5. My employer is saying to reply to the RFE. If the H1b extension denies, thinking of applying H1 transfer. Can we do H1 transfer after my H1b extension is denied?
  6. Hi Friends Need advice on my case here My H1 expired on 09/30/2014 (I94 expired on same date) Model: EVC We filed for H1b Extension 3 months back in Regular processing. Got an RFE on 3 weeks back. RFE was about employer details (Quiarterly Wage Report, Business Licenses, Company Profile, Federal Income Taxes for 2012) Replied to RFE within a week and changed the process to Premium Processing (Need to change since our state was not extending DL without original H1B approval letter) 2 days back, we got a 2nd RFE from USCIS. This time asking some of the details as below Amendment information - (We did not do H1B amendment when i changed the client from PA to CA) - Big concern about this We did LCA ammendment Client, Vendor and Employer letters with more details about work and date - We can provide this Asking to submit the documents again regarding my status which we submitted before LCA deatils - We can provide this Looks like we have a slim chances of getting approval. Here is what my employer is suggesting What can i do now? Your advices would be greatly appreciated.
  7. My H1B Visa is approved succesfully @Vancouver on July 16th. Here is my background F1 --> 2008 graduate in Elec Eng H1B started from 2011 Oct H1B Amendment done and started from April 2012 Model: EVC Visa appointment time: 10:00 AM Here is my experience Went to the embassy at 8:45 AM. At the entrance outside the building asked for H1B(I-797), DS 160 confirmation, and passport. They verified and gave back to me, asked me to keep any phone/ electronic devices in locker and asked to stand in the line to go to counter 1 (Floor 1). Then they started sending people to counter 1, it took 35 - 45 min to go to counter 1. Before reaching the counter 1 there was security check like in airport. After reaching the counter 1, at counter 1 she asked for DS 160 confirmation, H1B, Passport and a Photograph and gave me a token number and asked me to take seat in the same floor.(If you do not have a photograph, you can take a photobooth on the same floor. It costs 10 Canadian dollars. You can pay with credit card i guess). After 2 min she called and gave back the documents. On my DS 160 she wrote some thing (Pls see CEAC (this was not present on one of my friends and was present on the other friend)). I was waiting to go to 20th floor where the finger print and visa interview happens. Approximate wait time was 20 - 30 min. My number came, i went to the 20th floor and was seated. Number was called for finger prints at counter 3, gave the finger prints and went back to take my seat. Number was called for the visa interview at counter 4. Here is my interview Me : Good Morning VO : (Lady) Good Morning. Me : Gave H1B, DS 160, Passport VO : Asked to give my left hand finger prints. Me : Gave my finger prints. VO : Who is your employer. Me : XXX VO : Did you work before on OPT? Me : Yes VO : What is your role? Me : Programmer Analyst VO : What do u do for your company? Me : I explained some responsibilities VO : Who is your client? Me : YYY VO : How do you communicate to your employer. Me : Will mail weekly status report, Have on call meetings twice a week where we discuss about the status of the task of previous week and next week. VO : Where is your client located? Me : City, State VO : What is your Highest degree? Me : Masters VO : What is the major? Me : Electrical Engineering VO : Was scrolling thru the system for more time and asked I129, LCA and Paystubs. Me : Gave the documents, paystubs for last 1 year. She went thru all the pages of I129, LCA and paystubs. VO : What is your pay? Me : My current salary is aaa. (My salary is greater the LCA mentioned salary). VO : Asked my W2. Me : Gave my W2 VO : Scroll thru the sytem and entered something and finally said "Your Visa is approved". Me : Thanks. Have a great day. Need to pickup my passport which may take 2 - 5 days. And will update you about that status. Friend 1: EVC, Approved. (With same VO) Friend 2: EVC, Approved. (With different VO) Person before me: Chinese, FullTime, Approved (With same VO) Everything is good in Vancouver, Pls try to have all the documents and your comapny background adds more advantage (i am guessing). Thanks, pls let me know if you have any questions...
  8. Hi Sriman.. I have my interview on July 16th. I have mailed you my details. Please reply so that we can plan together. You can reach me at aryareddy33@gmail.com