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  1. Hi there, I had my interview yesterday and also got the visa..Did you get your I-797A back?
  2. Hi Pavan, did you get your I797-A back after the interview?
  3. Hi All, I had a visa interview yesterday at the Vancouver consulate and it got approved. I'm a full time employee. Questions asked : What do you do for this company? How long have you been working there? Do you work for any other clients? What is your degree? And then she approved my visa and handed me a document. She didn't not return my I797-A. Will I get it along with my passport or was I supposed to ask my I-797A back? Thanks, P
  4. SJtoCA

    TRV canada visa question

    No, You don't need to send original if you're filing through mail - photo copies will do.
  5. Ram582 : I sent a my request through their online inquire form - here is the link https://dmp-portal.cic.gc.ca/cicemail/intro-eng.aspx?mission=los%20angeles
  6. So I emalied them yesterday morning asking the status on my visa application and surprisingly got a response within hours stating that my passport has been dispatched yesterday afternoon. I'll get it by today - total processing time : 36 days.
  7. I've submitted my visitor visa application on 9th July and I still haven't my passport back - calling them and checking on the status is in vain. How long did it take for you guys to get your passport back? My appointment is on 29th of Aug and I'm getting worried now.
  8. SJtoCA

    Available Dates for H1 in Vancouver?

    First available date as per yesterday was Aug 29th and onwards.