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  1. Hi, My priority date on EB2 is May 2011. I am working in a US based company, as a vice-president and have 50 employees reporting under me now in USA. Will I be eligible to move to EB1 category? I read somewhere, we have to work outside USA for one year and then can apply. But I don't have scope to work outside for 1 year in another country as key headquarters is in USA. Please help.
  2. Hi Everyone, I had applied for H1b transfer in Nov 2018 and it was approved in Jul 2019. My visa max out time was in Nov 2019, but I travelled back to India in Aug 2019, to be on safe side and have travelled 2 months before max out time, as my client agreed me to work in India. To my surprise my H1b extension was approved until 2021 OCT, even though my Max out was Nov 2019. I will be getting my I-140 soon, considering current proclamation, I won't be able to get visa stamped until Jan 2021. But wanted to know, if I can go for visa stamping with the OCT 2021 I-797 and I-140 or should re apply for new H1Ext with i140? Thanks for your help.
  3. orangeworks

    Approved I140 - Come back to US after few years

    Should be the same client or it can be any different client?
  4. orangeworks

    H1B extended to 7th year before I-140

    Can you tell me what did u do here? Even I am in the same situation right now.
  5. orangeworks

    Should i go back to India or wait for I 140?

    Hi , I want to know what happened with you guys? I am in the same boat. And My employer is sending me for business visit. Will that stay be counted in time capture?
  6. orangeworks

    OPT Expired & Need Suggestion to Apply H1B Next Year ..

    There are few good univ's which can provide cpt too. In your situation its better to go for h4 and then apply for h1 if you get any sponsors . But going on h4 is just as risky as this one. You will have to take cpt till next Oct . Univs wont bother you if you are not interested
  7. How fair is it to join another good school for MBA which I wanted to do since long . I will join this fall and would apply for CPT in march and be on it and work then . Will companies accept something like that ?
  8. orangeworks

    Will My new H1 be cap exempt

    Did u work on OPT first and then CPT ?
  9. So can I work during that period . Coz once opt expires you are not supposed to work even for a month I guess.
  10. What is the procedure to apply for Cap gap ? After applying for cap gap can we work during March - OCT ?
  11. Hello, Please help me . My OPT is expiring on March 4th 2013 . Can u help me finding some ways to be in status for one month so that I can apply for H1 b in April 2013 . Thanks