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  1. Hello folks, My perm was filed on Feb 14,2019 and got approved. Today my company has submitted my I-140 via premium processing and I-485 concurrently. Can someone break down a realistic timeline and steps until final GC based on current trend? I am from RoW quota under EB-2 Thank you.
  2. Hello, I entered US in 1/1/16 on H1B while working for company A. At the time of I was given entry until 10/15/16. The officer first entered `admit until date` to be 10/15/2017 ( when my H1B is expiring) but immediately realized that my passport is expiring on 10/15/16. He VOIDED that entry and inserted a new date which is 10/15/16 and told me to file i-539 form after obtaining new passport. After entering US I joined company B and then once again changed the company and joined company C. I obtained my new passport which is valid until 2026 after joining company C. I looked online and the I-94 online and the admit until date is 10/15/17. So I am confused here and would like some help on the following: 1. Exactly until what date I can stay in US? Is it 10/15/16(as the officer wrote on passport) or 10/15/17(as the I-94 states)? 2. If I have to update 'admit until date', do I have to get outside US or can I do it while staying within US?
  3. fishaq

    H1B Amendment

    Hello, 1. I am currently on my H1B which is expiring in November. 2. My company will be filing for extension pretty soon. 3. My company will be filing for my GC pretty soon. 4. I've moved from California to Georgia. 5. I am a full time employee of a company as an engineer. My questions are (if you don't mind asking all): 1. Should I file for amendment since my state has been changed? 2. How long does it take and how much does it cost to amend by H1B petition? 3. How can amendment affect my H1B extension? 4. If there is an affect of amendment on my H1B extension, is it OK to not to file for amendment now and wait until the extension is approved? 5. How do amending and not amending H1B or H1B extension will affect my GC process? I know too many questions !! Aek
  4. fishaq

    F-2 to H-4

    Hello, I am currently on F-1 visa doing my masters. I was offered a job mid way and the company filed for my H1-B which got approved and I will be working from October 1st with masters continued until I graduate. My wife also got her F-2 visa approved. Question: My wife will be coming here in December which is when I will be on H1B(starting from October). Will my wife have to re-appear in embassy to get her visa changed to H-4? Or she just has to submit her passport for new stamped visa?
  5. Hello All, According to the news release by USCIS, the H1B lottery has already been conducted. Is there any way I can find out if I was selected or not? uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=c91dea8c9eadd310VgnVCM100000082ca60aRCRD&vgnextchannel=a2dd6d26d17df110VgnVCM1000004718190aRCRD
  6. Hello All, My company is filing for my H1B on 1st April. I am currently on OPT and I will be travelling between 28th March to 20th April. Will I be able to come back if my H1B is in process or gets approved? Or will I've to wait until October 1st? AS
  7. fishaq

    F2 or H4

    Thank you for replying. But in that case she won't be able to come back till October?
  8. fishaq

    F2 or H4

    Hello, I am currently on F-1 visa and I've a job offer from a company who is filing for my H1B on 1st April. I will be starting with them on 1st October. I recently got married and I am planning to bring my wife here. She hasn't filed for the visa yet but now plans to file F-2 visa. If someone can answer the following questions it would be great. Can she apply for F-2 visa and come to USA after April 1st since my company will file for my H1B. Or she should try to come before 1st April? If I ask my company to file for her H4 visa, will there be any problem during approval process for my H1B along with her H4? If her visa approval is under process and my company files for H1B, will she have to re-apply for visa(H4)? What would be the best scenario to bring her here without any problem. Thanks, Sal
  9. fishaq

    F-2 Signature.

    Hi Everyone, I have obtained a dependent I-20 for my wife so she can apply for F-2 visa. The option 11 requires a signature and it says "Signature of Student". Who exactly needs to sign that I-20? Is it me or my wife? Thanks
  10. fishaq

    F-1 Tax Filing Help

    Hi all, Came to US in Aug 2007 Started working on campus for 20 hours from day 1 till May 2010 <Filed taxes every year> After graduation kept on working on OPT till Oct 2012. Renewed my F1 visa and studying with no work. Question: What is my current tax liability? I paid taxes last year and didn't get any return (2011). Was I entitled for a return as I was on OPT? For year 2012, I worked on 1099 and W2 in 3 Texas, Illinois and California? How should I file the tax. Most of the tax prepares don't know about liabilities of an international student. Any help will be highly appreciated. :)
  11. fishaq

    H1B and study

    Hi, I completed my undergraduate studies and now I am doing my Masters. I have a job offer who will also file my H1B on 1st April. I have following questions 1. If my H1B is filed through expedited process, how long does it take to get the approval or denial notice? 2. If it is approved, can I work immediately or will I have to wait till Oct 1st? 3. If it is approved, can I still carry on to study? I want to complete my masters too while working. Aek
  12. fishaq

    F-1 OPT eligibility

    Is it CPT?
  13. fishaq

    Dependent Visa issue

    It totally depends on why was she denied a visa. Also did she ever mention in her interview that she got married? Was she asked any question about her martial status? If yes, what was the question and what how did she respond? If she was denied on financial basis, what program she enrolled for and how much fund did she declare? Too many factors for denial can be involved. You need to mention first that why was she denied?
  14. This isn't a requirement by USCIS instead your school is asking you to prove it. I myself applied for dependent I-20 with my school and they just printed it out without seeing any paper work. All they needed was correct name and e-mail address for my wife. You may talk to school that by law you are not required to submit a marriage certificate(if you are not willing to do it) otherwise just submit it but it won't be verified by USCIS. You shouldn't be worried about anything if your marriage is legit. Let USCIS investigate and verify it if they want which they won't.
  15. Do not worry about it. There shouldn't be a problem. I know a student who went to India and came back when he had only 2 days left in his VISA. He was allowed to get back in without any question.