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  1. nineballs

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    The client B can file a new H1B petition based on approved I-140 and you will get a petition approved for the next 3 years (provided everything else is good on your application). So, you have 3 years to get started with a new I-140.
  2. nineballs

    6 months old travel to India

    Search for on aarival visa. You can pay a $60 online fee and get your visa (good for a 30 days visit) in the email instantly.
  3. If your child is born outside of US, he/she won't be a US citizen, unless one of the parent is a US citizen. And about, having the baby delievered here in the US. Yes its a costly affair. It may cost anything from 25k - 50k, depending on the complexity of delivery. Even with medical insurance, I have heard people paying anywhere from $50 to $6000 (deductibles/co-insurance and other good stuff). Did you try healthcare dot gov? I don't know of the dates, but if the dates are open for this year, you should be able to get the medical insurance there.
  4. nineballs

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Can you please explain the following line from the article - "According to the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), the intention is to allow the filing of the adjustment of status (I-485) application, prior to the visa number becoming available. This would require regulatory changes and this option was not mentioned in the memorandum." Does this mean that AILA interprets the executive action this way? or does AILA believe that it should have been this way, but is not in the memo.
  5. nineballs

    H4 EAD Rule progress

    And, your comment is based on what? I think you have a prett negative attitude towards people asking about the positive immigration news. I would advise you to keep your frustrations to yourself. About the H4 EAD rule, the comment period is over and it may just get implemented based on all the postive comments, it received. I don't need this rule, but I will be very happy a lot of people struggling to work because fo visa restrictions.
  6. nineballs

    My passport impounded in India

    I would assume that you should just make an apointment with the Indian embassy closest to you and just walk-in to resolve the issue. Delaying the issue will only make matters worse. And, just in case, you have to travel to India on an emergency, this thing can bite you really bad. Fix it while you have time.
  7. What has the name to do with this?
  8. nineballs

    H1B got denied after site inspection

    Why? Why do you think there is a reason to complain? If USCIS did a through investigation on the case, Why do you think your 30 seconds observation is more meaningful?
  9. nineballs

    H1B got denied after site inspection

    Stop Judging people. Where does OP says its a consulting firm?
  10. nineballs

    USPS messed up GC

    I had a similar personal experience with something else in the mail. I saw the status as "Delivered" and I couldn't find it anywhere. I thought they probably just marked it as "Delivered" to comply with their 2-Day delivery SLA. And, I guess I was right. They delivered my mail the next day. so, I would advise, dont have any heated argument with usps, and with anyone in general. Wait patiently for a couple of days and if still do not recieve it, you can blame it on USPS.
  11. Sorry to hear that. Like JoeF and Rahul said, you are just out of luck. There is nothing much you can do about it except to leave the country for an year and then come back on a fresh H1.
  12. nineballs

    I94 extension/renewal cost

    I think OP mentioned that he has approved I797 till 2016 and only I94 is expiring in Nov 2014. Would that not mean filing a $290 i-539 for extension of status and thats it. Am I wrong somewhere?
  13. nineballs

    Being in US after I94 on H4 expired.

    Its the fee for form I-539, which is used to extend H4 status in the US. See this - uscis.gov/i-539
  14. nineballs

    Medical Insurence for Visa Stamping

    Not really, I worked for a big US company once, full-time, 90,000+ employees. My medical insurance premium was $370 every two weeks. Since I was new in the US, I took it. I will never do that again.
  15. nineballs

    Being in US after I94 on H4 expired.

    You are talking about saving $290 vs 30 days of out of status which can haunt you in future.
  16. nineballs

    H4 based Work Permit

    Are you saying that "Someone with a 3 month NIIT computer course diploma" is able to compete with "Bachelors and Masters degree and 12yrs of experience"? If thats the case, don't you think the 12yrs experience person is cheating the system. He is waiting for 10yrs for a green card and his professional skills are equal to a 3 month computer course. If the job can be done by a 3 month diploma person for possibly half the salary, then looks like the 12yrs experience guy was taking undue advantage of the system.
  17. nineballs

    Immigration Reform

    Are you against immigration? Your screen name suggests that you are an immigrant yourself. And, you can't speak for the whole IT industry. My company posted 5 new IT job openings, couldn't get any replies in 30 days, immigrant or citizen. we need specialized skills and really cant find it. It would be a blessing to get an immigrant to do these jobs.
  18. nineballs

    H4 based Work Permit

    You do realize that giving work authorization to H4 is not impacting anybody on H1 anyways. I think its a benefit to the immigration community, as a whole. Its time, we stop fighting against each other. Just because someone else got it easier than you, doesn't mean its unfair, unless it affects your chances even more now.
  19. nineballs

    H4 based Work Permit

    the comment period on this rule ends this Friday. Lets see if we get an update post that.
  20. nineballs

    H4 based Work Permit

    Not necessarily. If you have fashion stylist, culinary or any artisitic skills, without a degree, you won't qualify for H1. However, will easily get a job on EAD.
  21. nineballs

    On 5th year of H1, PERM not filed

    If you can get your H1 extension till Jan 2015, then you are in your 6th year, not 5th year. An approved PERM cannot be the basis for H1 extension. You can get one year H1 extension, if your PERM is pending approval for more than 365 days. In your case, that won't happen, since your 6 years will end in Jan2015. There is a lot of work before PERM, which may take anywhere between 2-6 months. I think you should start looking for other options. There is a good chance you won't get your H1 extended beyond Jan 2015.
  22. nineballs

    Indian Visa Required - URGENT

    If you are moving back to India permanently, then visitor visa doesn't help your kid. Visitor visa, as the name suggests, is only good for 6 months. See, if your kid qualifies for PIO card. PIO processing may be done in 3-4 weeks and then you can go back permanenetly, easily.
  23. Looks promising. Needless to say, cant take life decisions based on this news, but yes can be positive about the bill.
  24. nineballs

    unlawfully terminated " at will"

    Why do you say, its unlawful. By its nature, "at will" means no need for any reason. The only exemption is that the termination shouldn't be because of any discrimination or revenge. You can ask for an work experience and relieving certiifcate. The HR policies at your work place will define if you will get any compensation for the termination or not.
  25. Thanks. This is really informative. Very good contribution to the froum.