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  1. TigerBengali

    When to start Green card process?

    Thanks for the information. I will start my process this week then. Thanks
  2. Hi, I am currently planning to start my green card process.I spoke to my employer last week and he said they are ready to start. So I am planning to get married in this December by going to India.I recently got my H1b stamping from Canada until 2015 July. So my questions is : 1.When is the best time to start the process. Like before marriage or after marriage. This should help me for my wife's green card process also. 2. If I start the process by end of this month, can I apply green card for my wife also after coming here. 3. How much roughly it costs? Thanks
  3. TigerBengali

    Successful stamping in Ottawa, Canada on July 23rd.

    You can reach me at tigerbengalivisa at gmail dot com
  4. Hi All, I went to Ottawa, Canada for first time H1b stamping on 23rd July. Here is my experience: VO: How are you doing? ME: Good Morning, I am good. How are you? VO: Good, Do you have any vendors? Me: Yes, I have One vendor. name xxxxxx VO: Who is your client? ME: xxxxxx VO: Give me all the letters? ME: Gave him Client, Vendor, Employer letters. VO: Are you a System Analyst or Programmer Analyst? ME: Programmer Analyst. VO: What does your client do? ME: xxxxxx VO: What is your role in that project? ME: xxxxxxx Finally he said your visa is approved, and you can track your passport on this site(Gave me a slip with the site url and tracking information) He took my passport, all letters and returned my I797. Thanks
  5. TigerBengali

    Which petition to use for H1b Stamping?

    I went to Ottawa, Canada on July 23rd, 2012 for visa stamping. I have used my future petition while filling the DS form. And submitted both current and future petitions at the time of interview. And I got it stamped for whole H1b valid date, that means stamped for future petition also. SO if any body in this situation can go for stamping with both petitions. Thanks
  6. TigerBengali

    visa approved,Hotels to stay in ottawa

    I got my approved too.. I am in Days Inn right now. We have to checkout by 11AM tomorrow. So send me an email we can discuss: tigerbengalivisa at gmail dot com
  7. Hi, I am also in the same situation. My visa interview is on July 23rd in Ottawa. I have used extension petition while filling the DS form. Because you are looking for visa stamping for extension also right? But bring both petitions to embassy and show them both. Thanks
  8. TigerBengali

    Canada Visiting visa in NY

    I don't think there is a region requirement. Any body can apply anywhere.But please contact the consulate directly, if you have any questions, they are really nice to answer your questions. Thanks
  9. TigerBengali

    H1B white slip Ottawa Jun 25--- Please help

    Hi Prady, I am having interview on July 23rd in Ottawa. I am on EVC model, and getting all the letters like client, vendor, employer etc... I was in Full Time job before coming to my current employer(It's been one year with my current employer). I think I will face the same questions that you had. Can you tell me more what did you answer then for question like "why did you move to new employer from FT"? Please help me. Thanks
  10. TigerBengali

    H1B white slip Ottawa Jun 25--- Please help

    Hi Prady007, I have not idea what will be your next move? But what went wrong in your case? Can you tell us in more clear? What did they ask you? My interview is on July 23rd in Ottawa.I hope you will get it quickly. Thanks
  11. Any body having interview date on July 23rd. I am in Boston and it is 7 hrs to drive there. If any body having same interview date let me know. And driving from Boston or near by also let me know we can share. Thanks
  12. TigerBengali

    Canada Visiting visa in NY

    Guys, I went to NY to apply for visa in person on 06/21. And I got it on next day. It was simple and easy process.But i don't know about DC.Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  13. TigerBengali

    Canada Visiting visa in NY

    I called consulate and they said we can apply for visiting visa. That notice is for different category. So don't worry, I am going tomorrow(Thursday) to apply. Thanks
  14. TigerBengali

    Canada Visiting visa in NY

    Are you sure you can pick up the passport on the same day?
  15. TigerBengali

    Canada Visiting visa in NY

    Hi all, Thanks for all of your replies. But @cnu.yadav7 says you can pick up the passport on the same day. How far that is true? I am actual planning to wrap up the things in one day because of my project pressure. If no way i can collect it on same day i have to take two days off from work. Thanks