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  1. My husband's PD : April 2013 My PD : Sep 2013 Both of us have approval of I-140 How it will work when our PD becomes current at same time? 1. Can I hold my i-140 approval and apply GC based on Husband's approval? 2. What happens to my I-140 approval in that case? Is it cancelled or revoked or kept on hold? 3. Suppose my husband's I-485 gets denied, can I use my I-140 approval as a primary petition and apply again keeping my Husband as secondary? Thanks in advance! Aria
  2. dncutiepie

    H1-B Visa Interview on November 20th, Ottawa

    Hi, Let me know if you need any help in accommodation as I was there for my visa 2 months b4. dncutiepie@gmail.com Thanks
  3. dncutiepie

    OTTAWA - Nov 26 Date of Interview. 8:00 AM

    Hi, Let me know if you need any help in accommodation as I was there for my visa 2 months b4. dncutiepie@gmail.com Thanks
  4. Hi, Let me know if you need any help as I was there for my visa 2 months b4. dncutiepie@gmail.com Thanks
  5. You dont have apply for PIMS, you attorney or employer should do that.... Loomis is 15-20 mins drive from consulate. I took cab so it was approx $20-$25 (CAD dollars) .
  6. Hi There, Dont think thr is restrictions on luggage size...but just carry ur clothes...documents...nothing else... security is same like u have on airports..they will check food n all.. there r no affordable hotels as such...go to priceline.com, booking.com, bookingbuddy.com, hotels.com and book the hotels if u need.. dont directly book thru hotels website..may be costly.. share hotel with ppl who r coming for visa..its better. there r hostels...but not that great it seems... backpackers, barefoot hostels.. I know about accommodation if u need, email me at dncutiepie@gmail.com I was there for my visa and got 221g so was thr for more than a month. Thanks,
  7. dncutiepie

    Employer - Client - Project question

    @the1 = > its better not to say anything about your end user (here Fed govt) Say only about project...description.. what ur project does.. they should not ask letter frm govt... prepare well for all qs.. check forums.. thanks.
  8. dncutiepie

    From Ottawa to USA Immigration?URGENT

    @JoeF, @pontevecchio = > Thanks guys.
  9. dncutiepie

    Visa Interview - 12th Sep @Ottawa

    Hey There, I was there for Visa n got stuck for more than month., I just came back on Saturday. I have posted my exp on forum. I know some accommodation, may be I can help you out. Thanks, Dhana
  10. @Kav123: I was there for my visa and I know about accommodation. just came back to USA. Contact me at dncutiepie@gmail.com
  11. Hi Folks, First of all, thanks to everyone here and to murthy.com. From past few months, I am following posts here and it helped me a lot during my Visa process. Flew from: Kansas City - Chicago - Ottawa -> on 22nd July 2012. @Ottawa Immigration: handed over passport ONLY. -question asked: Why are you here? answered: for my H1b visa interview at US Embassy. No more questions/documents asked. -Interview Date: July 23rd 2012 @ 10:00 AM Status: Got 221g Futher Review white slip - (To submit Client Letter) -Email from Consulate to me : July 24th 2012 - morning - asking client, vendor letters -Email to Consulate from me : July 24th 2012 - afternoon - submitted (email) a document having Email conversations stating "Client has apolicy not to issue such letters" -Email to Consulate from me : July 26th 2012 - afternoon - submitted (email) a document - client's Confirmation Email (stating - my name, job title, employer name, client name, policy of client of not to issue any letters. Employer is responsible for employment, including pay, supervision and performace.) -Email from Consulate to my client : July 27th 2012 - afternoon - asking few questions to client -Email to Consulate from client : July 30th 2012 - morning - submitted (email) answers to consulate's questions. -Email to Consulate from me : August 3rd 2012 - afternoon - submitted (email) asking status of visa application. -Email to Consulate from client : August 10th 2012 - afternoon - submitted (email) asking status of visa application. -Email from Consulate to me : August 27th 2012 - afternoon - asking me to return to embassy on following thursday. -Visit to Consulate : August 30th 2012 - afternoon - at counter 5, submitted passport, 221g white slip. Received - I-797 original, LCA copy, I-129 copy, Paystubs and further instructions on how to collect passport. Person at counter 5 said, monday is holiday, you keep on checking your profile for waybill number, you may get your passport on wednesday. -Email from Loomis : August 31st 2012 - afternoon - at 3 PM, got email stating 'LOOMIS has your passport but it's not ready to pickup'. -Visit to Loomis : August 31st 2012 - afternoon - at 5 PM Collected the Passport. (Took a chance to go to loomis and see if Passport is there or not. :D) I took Greyhound bus from Ottawa - Syracuse- New York port of Authority on 31st August 2012 at 10:30 PM. @Border Immigration (officer came on board): handed over passport ONLY. question asked: Where are you going to? answered: Kansas City, MO via New York. question asked: Where are you coming from? answered: Ottawa question asked: What was a purpose of your trip? answered: I had my H1B visa interview. After few minutes, officer called me and some of us and made us get down from bus and took us in office. One by one he took fingerprints, asked question to some of us and issued I-94. and DONE. :) crossed the border. Various reasons got from consulate when asked them status of the application by visiting at consulate->-> 1. Person who is handling 221g(s) is on holiday. 2. Washington D/C reviews / is reviewing / will review your visa application. 3. System crashed If anyone need to know about accommodation, email me at dncutiepie@gmail.com I can guide as per whatever I know about Ottawa. I know some people who was there with me for Visa. Thanks, Dhana
  12. Hi Folks, Please I need some ideas on flying to USA from OTTAWA. (Halt may be at Toronto etc etc) Ottawa -> Washington D.C. Ottawa -> EWR (Newark Lib Int.A) Ottawa -> JFK Ottawa -> LGA (La guardia) Ottawa -> Chicago For all above flights, where does Immigration happens? Some people says immigration happens in Ottawa, but immigration also happens AGAIN in EWR/JFK/LGA? Is that true? Or just it happens in Ottawa ONLY? Please reply. Thanks, Dhana
  13. dncutiepie

    All Ottawa 221g status update thread

    Nope. As of now nothing.
  14. some ppl who got visa, some got passport next day or in a week. So u will get it. U can check at https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx if Visa is issued, u can see status is "issued" so at least u can relax that u got the visa stamped, only have to wait for passport.. Dont worry, be patient, u will get it. We some ppl r here waiting since End of July, we are waiting for email to submit the passport. So u can imagine our frustration levels. :D All D Best. Don't worry. Thanks, Dhana
  15. dncutiepie

    All Ottawa 221g status update thread

    Interview Date:23rd july Client email confirmation submitted to embassy: 26th july Embassy Questions to Client: 27th july Client Response:30th July embassy ResponseDate: No Response yet Thanks.