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  1. Hi, I am on 12th year of H1B, Extension was files on mar 12 and received RFE on Apr 20. It asked 2 topics 1) Specialty Occupation & 2) Availability of Work I work for consulting company(In between there is prime vendor also), Employer will submit the RFE. 1) what is chances of approval? 2) In case of denial (assuming that my I94 will expire by the time denial happens), what are the options I have? I need to leave the country immediately (in couple of days) once i know of denial? After denial can a new employer use the same H1B to file a new H1B(transfer) & later I can enter US? Thanks, Karu Singh.
  2. Hi, My case is like this. I already spent 5 years on L1B & then I spend 2 years on H4. so after 7 years Is it possible to file for a new H1B or the person has to go outside this country for 1 years to file for new H1B? Thanks.