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  1. biodallas

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Yes, I did. And it is supposed to be 9:30am, not pm.
  2. biodallas

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Final Update: Oct 21, 3pm: Email from consulate to drop passport at consulate Oct 24, 9:30pm: passport dropped off Oct 26, 3pm: Email from usvisainfo website with tracking number and simultaneously from Canada post with tracking details Oct 27, 10am: Picked up passport from Toronto postal station (interview ottawa but passport picked up in Toronto)
  3. You are right, I could have shipped it via CPC but the email I got asked me to drop it in person. Now that could have just been a template email, but I didn't want to take chances of any more delays because you know... whatever For Return: Yes, I changed it to Toronto for pickup. Passport shipped today, delivery tomorrow
  4. Good call on asking to leave the passport, I should have thought of that and saved few more days and travel from Toronto to Ottawa and back. I dropped of passport yesterday, still waiting for any update. CEAC still says Admin Processing, so there is still that.
  5. biodallas

    H1 TO H4 Visa stamping in India

    What do you mean? DS160 is per individual so every individual no matter if they are applying together should complete a separate DS160
  6. I dropped the passport at Embassy today
  7. Hey man/woman, I am in Ottawa for 221G but your calculation is a good indicator. My interview was on Oct 4th, I got email yesterday (21st) to submit passport. I will do so on Monday so few days after that should be done.
  8. biodallas

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Update: I got email today to submit passport. It is past feasible time to do so today, so I will be doing that on Monday. I will post a final update once I get passport in my hand.
  9. biodallas

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Folks!!! I just got an email (5mins ago) from Embassy to submit my passport. Oct 4th was my interview date. Just want to quickly give an update. Will come back and give more details once I get my passport to the embassy.
  10. biodallas

    221G Blue form issued

    Also follow this post, different consulate but will give you an idea.
  11. biodallas

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Add your case and track others here: http://www.checkee.info/index.php
  12. biodallas

    221G Blue form issued

    http://www.checkee.info/index.php Add your case and track here
  13. Good job explaining. Thanks!
  14. biodallas

    Anyone stuck with PIMS @Ottawa?

    Follow this post