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  1. Hi, I am working for employer A, I will be moving to employer B (H1 B visa transfer is in progress). I have valid H1B visa (Employer A) stamped in my passport, valid till 2014. Now do I need to get my VISA stamped again after my H1B transfer? I know this is an old question but I couldn't find any recent information in USCIS site regarding this one hence I am not sure if the rules have changed now or not..Can someone please advise.
  2. I am currently holding valid H1 B visa (valid till 2014), I am moving to new company and H1B transfer is in progress. I will be going to India once my new H1 B has been approved but I am not planning to quit my present employer until I come back from India. In that case, is it fine if I just show my VISA (from my current employer) in port of entry? I know the new H1 B petition will have the I94 extended to few months than my VISA expiration date, Is it possible to start working for new employer with H1 B approval notice even if the date in my I94 (in petition) doesn't coincide with the date in I94 stamped by immigration officer (since he would be stamping based on my VISA). Also, if I am planning to quit my current emp, can I enter US using old VISA and new approved petition document even though if I don't have pay stubs from my new employer?