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  1. santoshchem51

    Blue 221g TAL check Ottawa

    Hi Guys, I got my passport today and i am heading back to US. I have submitted my passport on thursday and picked it up at consulate on friday this week. Thank you all for your support and help. if any one need accommodation in ottawa, i know reliable and convenient place, email to email address provided in my profile, will let know the details. thanks and good luck 2 u all.
  2. santoshchem51

    Blue 221g TAL check Ottawa

    Hello All, I got an update on my case, my visa has been approved. They have asked to submit my passport as soon as possible. Below are my case details, Visa Attended : July 3, 2013 Query: 221g blue form documents requested: Resume (TAL check) employment Type : FTE background: M S in chemical engineering visa approved on : 4 September 2013. I have multiple entry visiting visa to canada. Currently i am in India, if possible i would like to travel to canada after 3 weeks(end of this month) for stamping. Does any know is it okey to do that???
  3. santoshchem51

    Blue 221g TAL check Ottawa

    Hi Snoopreddy, i didnt hear any thing yet. its been more than 45 days..still did get any update... I have masters in chemical engineering and also in computer science. Where did you attend your interview second time. what did they ask you this time.?? where are u currently staying??
  4. santoshchem51

    Blue 221g TAL check Ottawa

    No i didnt hear anything from them.. i am staying with relatives place.. srry i cant help u with accommodation..
  5. santoshchem51

    Blue 221g TAL check Ottawa

    Hi All, I have attended h1-b visa interview on july 3 and was given blue 221g form. VO has asked my resume and said they have to do admin processing which is done in Washington DC. I have been checking my status CEAC website and it is showing "NO STATUS" ever since my visa interview. Is this normal??? I have send out an email to ottawa consulate and they said "DO NOT contact the U.S. Visa Service website, they cannot provide any status updates regarding your case". Its been more than 3 weeks so far, i didnt recieve any email or update on my admin processing or any update on CEAC website. Any advise or suggestions are very much appreciated.
  6. santoshchem51

    Ottawa: How/When to contact embassy via phone?

    Hi, I am on the same boat, I have attended h1b interview on July 3 and got blue 221g due to TAL check.(they have asked my resume and said that they need to do some admin processing which is done at Washington DC) Did you get your 221g resolved???... How did you check your processing status.??? I am trying to check my visa status on line at https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx. It shows "no status" ever since i attended the interview and there is no update still yet... any help is much appreciated.
  7. Hi, is any one going to be in Ottowa for stamping in first week of june 2013. I have visa interview in that week, i am happy to share expenses for stay. any one interested please let me know. Thanks
  8. santoshchem51

    h1b petition before graduation

    Thank you for your reply. I have been working with this firm ( not consultancy, an american software company) since last year augest 2011. i have worked in software industry for nearly 2 years ( in my previous 27 months opt) and i am about to complete my master degree in Computer science. In similar cases, people suggesting that,i can apply for H1B, if you have a letter from your university saying that i have met/ or going to meet all requirements for graduation before october 1. i am confused!!!.. can any one help Plz...
  9. Answer to your question would be "Yes". No matter what the outcome of your H1B application, you have to maintain your F1 status until H1B status activates. Unless, if you have requested a different "Activation date"( in some cases, applicant can request a specific activation date other than oct 1). I hope this Answers your question. Cheers
  10. santoshchem51

    h1b petition before graduation

    Hi, I have a bachelor and master's degree in chemical engineering, i have used all my opt period(27 months) and currently doing my second masters in computer science engineering. I will be graduating with masters degree in computer science in the end of september( i am left with final project). But i cannot have opt because i have used already used my opt earlier. Now i have a job and i have to negotiate with my employer to apply for h1b. So my question would be Can i apply for h1b before graduation, and request a start date on october 1st. ? If yes, what is the process for it. if no what are my options. Thanks