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  1. startupjunkie

    H1B Interview waiver drop box cases please share your experience

    I just got my drop box done. I dropped on the 9th in Hyd and got it on the 31st. i have seen people get it in 4 B days. Mine went into admin processing (no 221G or passport returned, or client called) the wait was difficult as no one would tell me what the heck is happening, But i would do it again for convenience sake ( no appointment nessecary, admin processing is independant of method of submission of papers (either interview or dropbox or IWP)
  2. startupjunkie

    Passport pickup delays in Hyderabad

    mine just updated to issued
  3. I didnt get a 221g but i was put under admin processing since 16th, just got mine.
  4. startupjunkie

    Passport pickup delays in Hyderabad

    what does your statusn say in the ceac website? CEAC.STATE.GOV? Does it say issued or admin processing? I dropped my documents around the same time, no update
  5. startupjunkie

    status updated on CEAC website but no reply

    Whats your email id ? mine is svv8wf at gm@il d0t c0m Also, what does your status say? Mine changed to ready this morning, changed back to admin processing. they have my passport.
  6. startupjunkie

    status updated on CEAC website but no reply

    Hi, what does your status in ceac say ? What did it say till jan 23rd? My status was admin processing til 22nd, it said ready on 22 and it changed back to admin processing on 23rd. Does yours say issued?
  7. startupjunkie

    Does "administrative processing" in CEAC mean a 221G

    did they give you your passport back? or any slip?
  8. I am in a weird spot. I dropped off my application for H1b renewal in hyderabad based on the interview waiver program on the 9th of January. on 16th the status in CEAC changed as administrative processing. Now, I wasnt sent an email or a notification or my passport back. My question is - Does this mean i got a 221G ? If you get a 221G what does it say in CEAC ? does it excplicitely mention 221g Administrative processing or just administrative processing? I am in the EVC format with correct documentation.
  9. startupjunkie

    221G - Hyderabad

    HI, did he give you your passport back ? or give you a case number? what does it say when you check the status on CEAC.STATE.GOV I did a drop box submission on the 9th of Jan and my status changed on the CEAC website as administrative processing on the 16th of January. I did not get any case number nor does it say 221G anywhere in the status. I believe admin processing is different from 221G, so please let me know what your status says in the CEAC website
  10. startupjunkie

    Difference between Drop Box and IWP - india

    I spoke to the customer service and wrote to their support desk as well. They responded back saying I dont need fingerprinting. But the Language in the confirmation letter threw me off. I am kinda confused now.
  11. hello, I am trying to goto india to get my visa extension. I qualify for both Drop box and IWP as a H1b renewal. So i chose Dropbox and i got a letter which has the language meant only for People above 80 and below 14 Am i making a mistake by chosing Drop box ? is there anyone else who is planning to do this ? Can you please let me know the process?
  12. hello everyone, I came to the US in 2006, did my masters in IT from a reputed college and started working on consulting gigs since 2007 - CPT, OPT and H1b all with the same employer, worked with 5 clients, had a great relationship with all of them. Since the last 7 months i have been working on a startup web app on the side. I am planning to go live in the next 4 months. here is the problem current client says he doesnt know when i will roll off. Current visa expires Sep 31 2012, I cant really change my Job because i wont be able to settle in and do justice to a new client because of my startup work which will be at its peak by then. What are my options? can i show somehow that my startup web app is operated by my employer and he can File an H1b based off of that ? his is a small company, but has been working with me since 2007 and paid me everymonth, no problems. Apply for H1 in PP next month and just go get stamping done so that i am all set for 3 years?(i hear there is a Big 221g risk in this case nowadays?) Please let me know?