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  1. Thank you Shekar. Here is the next question/scenario I have ...kindly clarify. She never applied for H-1B and has never tried for lottery. If she (her Employer) registers paying $10 then if her application gets picked in the lottery......then if she does not submit the remaining docs though she got selected in the lottery.............then can she file for COS to H-1B later in the year or some other time without worrying about the one more lottery/quota?
  2. Hi, I have this weird question. Primary is on H-1B and the dependent is on H4. Dependent's EAD is valid until June-30-2020. Primary's H-1B has successfully got extended for the next 3 years but H4 extension is still in pending with USCIS. Please note that Primary has the approved I-140 and has been on H-1B for more than 8 years (meaning 6 years are over). Questions are as below, 1). Is there a provision or possibility to apply for change of status from H4 to H-1B for the Dependent ? IF so, does she need to have a job in hand to do this? Does this not come under 60,000 yearly quota/CAP? Doesn't she need to go through Lottery system? Thank you for any clarifications ...it will be very helpful.
  3. Thank you Shekar for the responses, much appreciated
  4. We applied my H-1B Extension and H4 (I-539 change of status) together in Premium Processing. My H-1B Extension got approved but we are still waiting for H4 (I-539 COS). Let's assume that my wife goes back to India and gets her H4 Visa stamped then, Will it automatically cancel/abandon her I-539 COS? Or do we need to send any Withdrawal kind of letter to USCIS? Can the I-94 which we receive through H4 Visa stamping + when she steps back into USA at Port of Entry be used for filing for EAD renewal? In general will there be any complications or negative impacts from getting H4 visa stamped while I-539 COS is in progress? Will their Systems/Databases go out of sync due to H4 Visa Stamping while I-539 COS is in progress? Kindly help by answering all the questions or whatever questions you could answer...much appreciated. Note: I did go through a few of the posts/threads....but somehow it did not completely help my questions that's why I am posting this new post. Kindly help.
  5. 1). My I-140 with the Previous Employer "A" was withdrawn/revoked in Aug-2017 itself by previous employer A when I quit A. My new Employer B is still in the process of filing for PERM...so, a long way to go to file for new I140. 2). On other hand my H1 and wife's H4 expires in June-2020. Considering the above two points ...can H4 EAD for my wife be filed on that revoked/withdrawn I140? Kindly help? Thank you in advance
  6. My I-140 with the Previous Employer "A" was withdrawn by previous employer A when I quit A. Still the new Employer "B" was able to file for H1 Transfer and got it approved based on that I-140 of A. Now...that new employer B is in the process of filing for PERM meaning neither PERM nor I-140 is there yet from B. So, if this new employer B wants to file for H1B Extension ...can I still use that Withdrawn/Revoked I-140 of A? Here are the timelines, I-140 from A was approved in: Aug-2014 I quit A and joined B on: Aug-2017 A withdrew/revoked I-140 on: Aug-2017 H1 Transfer filed based on the above I-140 got approved and valid for: more than 2 years Can this new employer B file H1B Extension based on the above withdrawn/revoked I-140? Kindly help? Thank you in advance
  7. Yes. " For a change of employer, one generally could continue working while the petition remains pending. "
  8. Once your I-94 is expired...I doubt whether you can file for Transfer
  9. Thanks a ton for the response pontevecchio. So, what you are saying is, 240 days rule is applicable to H1B Transfer also not only Extensions/Renewals. And 240 days clocks start from H1B Transfer filed date ...but NOT from I-94 expiry date. Kindly confirm interpretation. Thanks in advance again. The reason why I am trying to ask these questions so precisely is some of the members in forums has said that 240 days rule does not apply to H1B Transfers. So, I am in a confused state of mind
  10. Hello Everybody, Firstly, Happy New Year. I did go through good number of posts over here. I felt my questions (esp. 2nd part) are different in this situation. So posting a new topic. Secondly, I have a couple of basic questions. H1B Transfer from Company A to Company B was filed in July-2nd week-2017 . Got the RFE and Replied RFE on Dec-14-2017. But, we have not received any response from California SC yet. But, my I-94 is going to expire on Feb-08-2018. Does 240 days grace period applicable in H1B Visa Transfer cases too? If so, does that 240 days period start from H1B Filed Date or from I94 Expiry date? In this situation, while decision is still pending with USCIS, if I file another H1B Transfer from Company A to C....then If the Transfer from A to B get denied...then will the Transfer from A to C also automatically gets denied? If the Transfer from A to C get denied...then will the Transfer from A to B also automatically gets denied? Kindly advice. Time has become very critical and sensitive in my case. So, posting it over here.
  11. In the scenario explained by VVKUS......can he switch to another company now while being one H1B Transfer is in pending with USCIS? Can he somebody answer his question? Because I am also in the same situation.
  12. Hello Everybody, I am in USA and I have sponsored Visitor Visa for my Mother. And she already visited USA once and she went back & right now in India. Her Visa Stamping is NOT expired ...but her passport having this visa stamping is Expired. So, she applied and got a new Passport. So, Does she again require to go for Visa Interview as this new passport has no stamping? Can she simply travel carrying 1). Expired Passport having un-expired Visa Stamping and 2). New Passport without Visa Stamping??? Kindly help me out by clarifying.