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  1. My Passport is about to expire during December 1st week 2020, while I would be going for Visa stamping for Nov 3rd / 4th weeks this year (2019), would it be a concern or question at consulate during stamping or inteview? I might not have enough time to renew my passport with a few days left for an unplanned trip I have to make.
  2. MukeshRoy

    H1B Visa Interview Waiver Eligibility

    thanks a lot !! Makes sense now !
  3. Hello, I have to visit India on a family emergency and only have 2 weeks to spend, hence looking for Visa Interview waiver option if my situation would be eligible for it. 1. Situation - I have my current Visa stamping with employer A in 2015 marked with expiry of May 2018, and I have moved to employer B after coming back to US, in 2016 and my visa got renewal approved till June 2019 as part of the move, recently in Feb 2019 Employer B has filed H1B extension and I have it renewal approved currently till 2022. Considering my prior Visa that is approved with H1B is valid till June 2019, would I still be eligible for Interview waiver option (drop box) ?, or am I not eligible my visa stamping that I have is only till May 2018 ? Same would be situation for my wife's visa as well H4, as her visa got stamped and renewed at same times. 2. Also, if we are eligible for drop box, will my wife also have to appear for bio metric and be in person for drop box. 3. Does anyone know if the dates are available for Interview at Chennai location around November 12th to 22nd time frames?
  4. Hi, Anyone have B2 Visa interview Telugu slot at Chennai or Hyderabad location who wants to cancel to a different date let me know. Am needing to prepone date to on or before May 1st week. you can reach me out at *******************[at]gmail.com
  5. Also to mention, as part of pre-employment process with Company C, they have already finished I-9 formalities. Company C would obviously start paying me when I start to work for them though. I just need to know if am legal to stay back with previous employer Company A, and chose to not work or join Company C until Company B would process the H1B transfer in premium.
  6. All, Am working with Company A who is holding my H1B visa approved till May 2018. Am full time employee of Company A, and am a consultant with Company B as my Client company. Recently I have received an offer from Company C full time, and they have processed my H1B transfer in premium which has been approved as of 2 weeks back. I have resigned from Company A as of a week back. Now my client Company B see's that they need to retain me and is offering a full time with Company B., while they are asking me to stay back and work with to stay with Company A until they could process H1B transfer with Company B as petitioner., this whole process of again H1B transfer with Company B in premium might take 4 weeks from now. Now that my H1B has already been transferred to company C, am I legal to stay back with previous employer Company A until Company B would process the H1B transfer. Thanks Regards Mukesh
  7. Hi Am planning to visit Canada and in the process have tried filing application in My CIC for a TRV application. I have uploaded all the documents needed as instructed and digitally signed the application and when navigated to the payment page, after I gave all my credit card information and submitted I got a confirmation page saying "This order is now complete. Transaction approved!". After this page I only saw a link which said "Return to CIC Online Services" and when I clicked on it I didnt see any confirmation page that my application is submitted. Now am confused whether my application is really submitted successfully to CIC, or if it just got the payment successful. I dont see any contact number to contact CIC, or an email can you please suggest based on your experience. Also any contact number to Online services of CIC that can be contacted from US would be great. Or an Email contact. Regards Mukesh
  8. Hi all, I was working for Company A in 2008 in India. I have Applied for H1B through Company B of US while i was in India in 2008, and the petition got approved but I have not got a stamping neither traveled using that H1B petition. Petition start and end date: October 2008 to September 2011 During March 2011 I got an L1B from Company A. and traveled to US on May 2011. Since my L1B Petition was only valid till November 2011, Company A applied for an extension petition on L1B and got approved. I have traveled to India during April and came back in same month and I got a fresh stamping of L1B valid from April 2012 to December 2013. Now I want to convert to H1B, so apply for a H1B through a Company C who has offered me a job and sponsorship for a H1B. Can you please tell me if I can apply this H1B application out of H1B Cap and expect it to get processed before October of this year and switch to Company C before October of this year, would it come into an exempt scenario? Also, how many years would my new H1B petition be valid for my stay in US? Would it be 6 years from the day it would get approved? or will the 6 years get calculated from 2008? Regards Mukesh