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  1. Hi My PD is current Sept 2011 in EB3 with latest bulletin. My h1 extension was approved til2024 but my wifes H4 extension is not yet approved. Can i file I- 485 for spouse while her H4 extension is still in progress?
  2. MrNRI

    Exec Order & H4 travel

    HI Recently president has issued executive order to ban immigration entry for 60 days. My wife (H4 & EAD) and Daughter (US citizen) have tickets from India to USA on June 1st. Can you please let me know if there is any impact on their entry in USA on June 1st due to executive ORder?
  3. MrNRI

    Extension Reject; I-94 Valid till 12/31

    Thanks for your responses. I heard from my colleagues that in case extension is rejected i can't work for my current employer AND i need to switch employer within 60 days. Is this true? I just want to confirm it again.
  4. HiI have my current visa stamped till 2019. The latest I 797 (amendment) and I-94 are valid till 12/31/2018.If I file extension in premium and decision is not in my Favor then do I have to get out of USA immediately or I can stay till 12/31/2018? or end of I-94. What are my options?
  5. Hi I have received a H1 B Amendment for location/client change approval I 797 that is valid till 12/31/2018. I already have approved I 797 Petition that is approved till 08/22/2019 and also have Visa stamped till 08/22/2019. Question: 1. Since the amendment petition was approved recently (expires on 12/31/2018) does it override my original H1 B petition expiration date? 2. Do i need to file extension considering the new I 797 petition expiration date (expires on 12/31/2018) or go with earlier approve I 797 (08/22/2019)?
  6. MrNRI

    H1-B Stamping in Mumbai

    Thank You Shekar11#
  7. MrNRI

    H1-B Stamping in Mumbai

    Hello everyone Does anyone has any inputs on the questions? Thanks !
  8. Hi All I am planning India vacation in June 2017 and below are my details and some questions I have. I changed from employer A to employer B for the first time in October 2016. Been with emp A for 9 years. Emp A Visa expired on - Feb 2017 I have Approved I-140 from Emp A Last visa stamp was in India This will be first visa stamping with Emp B (I-797 valid till 2019) Questions: Am I eligible for Dropbox stamping since there is employer change? How safe it is to take this chance of stamping as there is employer change involved? If my wife goes alone for stamping (I decide not to go to India), is there any issue with H4 stamping with current situation? She does not have H4 EAD Thank You
  9. MrNRI

    H4-EAD filing

    Hi I recently switched from emp A to emp B. I have I-140 approved from emp A and as per the last update on the case I don't see it is revoked by emp A so far. Questions: Is it possible to file H4-EAD for my spouse based on pervious emp A I-140? Where can I get the process and documents required to file H4-EAD? What is the current trend and what are the chances of H4-EAD being approved with current circumstances? Thanks You
  10. Hi I am now in my 7th year of stay here. I switched from Emp A to Emp B around 5 months back. Got extension till 2019 based on I-140. I am planning a trip to India in May and stamping in Mumbai. Questions: Will their be any scrutiny or issue in stamping due to employer change? what is the recent trend? What if I cancel my trip to India and my wife only goes stamping? Is there any issue with H4 stamping as of now considering change in my employment? Does I-140 provide any benefit in such cases? however it is from previous employer. Thank You
  11. Hi I am currently with Employer A with I-140 approved. Currently in 7th year. Planning to switch to employer B using my I-140 from employer A. Question: If employer A revokes I-140 in 3 months I leave the company.I join employer B and stay with it for 1 year (our of 3 year visa) and now want to join employer C. Can I get the remaining 2 years visa transferred to employer C?
  12. Emp A, L1B, I 140 Approved, Last year got H1B, Maxout April 2016. Got H1B approval & Visa till Feb 2017. Q: If moved to Emp B in Oct then extn years be calculated from new petition file date?
  13. Thank you for your inputs Another question I had is If new emp B files H1B and I get 3 yr extension and emp A revokes I-140 in 90 days. What will be my status after April 2016 I.e. Completion of my 6 yrs? Since I-140 is revoked. Can I continue to work for emp B or I have go out of country for one year and come back ?
  14. I am working for Employer A, previous L1B now H1B, I140 approved. 6yrs will be complete on April 2016. Switch Emp A to Emp B now--> Emp A revoke I140 in 90 days --> After 1 year with Emp B switch back to Emp A. Question: Can Emp A request to restore I140 status? Is there such process available? or emp A has to start from scratch again? Thank You!
  15. And I wanted to check if there is any such process in first place by which any employer can request to restore I-140 status of particular employee which was revoked earlier?