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  1. Hi Everyone- I went for my H1 stamping in Hyderabad consulate on May 14, 2012 Inspite of lot of my friends warning me not to got to Hyd, and got 221(g) with additional admin process checked. The VO officer retained all my original H1 docs and gave back my passport. The interview questions were mostly based on Employer-Employee relationship, I am working in a EVC model. I did my Masters in Industrial Engg, not sure if that was the reason he gave me a 221(g). Anyone else recently faced similar situation, I am not sure how long this process might take and also when I try to track my case status online it says case we are not able to verify your case ID? Anyone's advise or help in this regard would be very useful . Thanks Vishal
  2. Congratulations !!! That's nice to hear your case has been resolved so soon !!
  3. I am unable to track my case for past 5 months and I get the message your Case number cannot be identified , It's a 11 digit number, not sure how much time more do they need still, just hoping for the best !!
  4. It all depends on case 2 case basis, what questions were you asked in the interview. It's been 5 months for me without any response now, The visa officer took all my documents too and returned my passport. I am just hoping for the best and waiting.
  5. Congratulations !! Hope we get our stamping done fast too !!
  6. Same for me as well, I guess the page is not working !!
  7. It all depends on case 2 case basis, I saw some 221gs from May cleared and some taking time. We can just hope for the best !!
  8. Sorry for the delayed response guys, I haven't been to this forum for about 6-8 weeks now, My case is still pending with the same status saying case number not identified, calling DOS twice a week and I get the same response saying your case continues to go admin processing. My employer was contacted by USCIS on july 13 and they said I should hear an update very soon, but its been almost 2 months after the employer verification and yet no update. I am planning to go for new H1 now after waiting for 4 n half months almost without any update !!
  9. USCIS called my employer today and asked questions on Emp Verification, etc etc for 20 minutes and also other Employees of our compaany working in US got a call and email from USCIS with some questions as nin DS 160. Do you think it is a +ve sign for my 221 g ?
  10. Awesome Buddy !! Congratulations..... Can you provide me the Dos number please, I'll call them and check as yet my case number is not identified online !!
  11. Not all case numbers are listed on the website, I am in the same shoes, was given white 221g on May 14, 2012 and still not able to track my case status online.
  12. I am all together in a diff boat, no questionnaire, no additional docs asked, case number not identified on website.... Hope all our visa get approved fast !!
  13. Yes I did, They asked me to email some details and my 221g scan copy and informed me they will contact the consulate and let me know about 2-3 weeks back , but still no response. They say you have to wait since your case is under administrative processing.
  14. \I got the white 221g form with "administrative processing" checked and I am worried since even in 6th week after my interview date, My case status says case number not identified.
  15. vbolla

    H1B stamped, New employer now

    NO need to go for stamping as long as it is valid and it doesnt matter even if you change your employer, Go through this forum, I recently read a similar case in this forum . So chill and Enjoy your time in India rather than thinking of Visa stamping
  16. In my case , VO kept all the H1-B original docs and returned my passport and gave a white 221g and I never got any questionnaire or wasn't asked to submit additional documents .When i asked VO should I expect any such things he said it wasn't needed for my case , dont know what he meant ! Its been 5 weeks and the online status still doesn't identify my case number. Any similar case in this forum ? or any idea how much time it take approximately depending upon this years stats ?
  17. @sambritish - Nopes buddy, infact after 5 weeks of my interview date still I am not able to track my case status online and it still says case number not identified , what do you think might be the issue ? hopefully we get our processing done faster ! Atleast hearing some good news from others is a postive sign and we will get it approved soon too !
  18. Guys- Its been 5 weeks and still when I try to track my case status online , it still says Case number not identified, Did someone else go through the same situation, please let me know
  19. No Buddy, Did you hear anything on your side ? Also I am still not able to track my case status online, It still says case number not identified ? Keeping Fingers Crossed and hoping for the best buddy !
  20. Joef- Thanks for the info... Below is the link about my interview details.. I need to get back to US as soon as possible and I know how tough it can get in 221g cases , I need a small advise from you, I am planning to wait till 8-10 weeks and apply for a New H1 through same employer and client (EVC Model), I have every possible doc VO can ask for, This time I am planning to goto Chennai, what would be your advise for me on this issue ! http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/38983-h1-b-stamping-hyderabad-consulate-got-white-221g-may-142012/
  21. @Joef..... Can you give me your contact details, I need a important suggestion from you on my 221g case please
  22. My case is similar to yours , its been 3 full weeks and yet my case no says not identified when I track it online...VO just took call H1 docs and gave back my passport, took my signature for all answers i gave on printed out paper As of now my client allowed to to work remotely . My employer is gonna contact local senator next week to see if we can expedite the process, not sure if that would help. I am planning to wait till 3 rd week of June and apply for New H1 and go to Chennai.
  23. Can I get Joef or Belle's email address please ? Also signicficant difference in information, in what context do you mean this ? Can you please tell me
  24. Well, with this kind of uncertainty in processing time for Visa these guys are taking I am kinda tensed, There's risk either ways but there are some people in this forum who got lucky second time around. I am not sure how the first query might effect me for my second interview if I happen to go that way. They dint ask me to submit any further documents since I had everything they could have asked for ? Its just that mine was EVC model and lot of questions were asked to check who was controlling my work on day to day basis ? What do you guys think about this one ? tough question but still want to take everyone's input here.
  25. vbolla

    H1b case sent back to USCIC

    There is no such process for expediting the 221g procedure to make it faster, we have to wait until they process it. You can go through this forum and some people have been in your situation also. Just hope for the best and good luck.