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  1. nkalvaku

    H4 EAD after changing employer

    i guess with the new rules effective jan 17 , further h4 ead renewals are possible even with revoked I140.
  2. nkalvaku

    Ex-Employer not paying my dues

    Just tell them that u will complain to Labour department if pending salary is not released. Which you can if they won't.
  3. nkalvaku

    H1b revoke

  4. nkalvaku

    H1b revoke

    Hi Experts, General question, under new rules effective Jan 17. If an employee(6year h1b complete and has 2 I140 approvals) is laid off and H1B cancelled/revoked on a full time position . Can employee apply for h1 transfer to another company within 60day grace period ?
  5. nkalvaku

    H1B extension validity when I-140 is revoked

    Priority Date can be retained irrespective of revocation.
  6. Also as per the published rule , such H1B extensions will be in 1 year increment. Is that true ?
  7. nkalvaku

    I-140 Amendment

    She is right LC for GC is location specific , they have to re file LC when you change office location . No need to re apply I140.
  8. nkalvaku

    I140 validity check

    Hi, I have my 140 approved with my previous employer in April 2014 , when i check the case status on USCIS website it still says approved and document mailed . Does that mean that 140 is still active or the only way to confirm is by filing FOIA ?
  9. nkalvaku

    h1b stamping in bahamas

    Has anyone recently attended h1b visa interview in Naassau , Bahamas ? Please share your opinion.
  10. nkalvaku

    i140 copy

    As long as you have a copy , color is not important.
  11. nkalvaku

    EB2 to EB1 upgrade

    Ok , thanks.
  12. nkalvaku

    EB2 to EB1 upgrade

    Hi Folks, Have question if some one has accurate answer , Currently i'm FT with a company with I140 approved(EB2) and PD retained from previous application. If i get promoted to Team Lead or manager position with the same company in future, is that good enough to upgrade to EB1 ?
  13. nkalvaku

    h1b stamping in bahamas

    Has anyone recently attended h1b visa interview in Bahamas ? please share thoughts.
  14. Has any one  attended H1B visa interview in Bahamas in recent times  ? Please share thoughts.

  15. nkalvaku

    Can I leave USA for vacation and come back in without stamping?

    Thanks for the info folks.