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  1. Hello, - I was working with Company A who filed my green card and I had I-140 approved. - Later I joined company B and they are now willing to file my green card too. Does company b have to file my green card from scratch or they can simply get my I-140 trasferred from company A given company A hasn't revoked my I-140. Please help
  2. If I understand right there are two stages (1) LCA approval (2) real transfer of H1B petition filing I have a situation where my next employer B has approved LCA. I resigned from current employer A and now they have filed (2) on Friday. I think petition will reach USCIS on Monday. So will I be out of status during Saturday-Sunday? I didn't want that to happen. I also understood that usually people can start with next employer once LCA is approved but my next employer said that they will only start me when we get receipt of (2). Now they are asking me to wait for 1 week while (2) has been filed already. My concerns and questions are following: (1) Will I be out of status saturday-sunday ? (2) Is there anything illegal if someone doesn't start for 1-2 week while LCA is approved? Thanks,
  3. Also if you could answer this: let's say there is a time gap between two employment. Would new employer need new H1B filing or that's still considered H1B transfer?
  4. jatinhpatel

    H1B transfer Vs New H1B filing

    I am currently working in company X. I got an offer from company Y now. If I inform my current company X about my new offer and willingness to move to Y, they might terminate job immediately. In that case, company Y will not complete H1B transfer and X will terminate the job. If this happens, I will have some bench time before I can join Y. So if you have some time gap between employment while doing H1B transfer, would that be considered new H1B filing ? Would this require new H1B filing as technically you have no job while company Y files for your H1B. Please help out.
  5. Thanks for the information: So if in case there is a time between changing jobs which is less than a month. Would that be okey from immigration point of view ?
  6. Hello, I am currently working in Company X and got an offer recently from company Y. I would like to join Y and start my H1B transfer process. Company Y is willing to do premium processing for H1B transfer. I have following questions. (1) How long usually it takes to do premium processing on H1B transfer? (2) Once I have my H1B transfer, may I still work for few days in Company X (my current company) before start working for company Y ? Based on the start date I give to company Y, they might transfer my H1B earlier than my start date. So in this case I will still work in company X while my H1B is already transferred. (3) If any of the assumption in (2) in not correct, can someone explain me typical H1B transfer scenario? Basically I want to make sure that I transfer my H1B before start working for next company and at the same time I should be able to work in my current company even though transfer is done for couple of days. please help as this is urgently needed. thanks for your help,