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  1. idk1983

    Entering US with B1 VISA

    I have a Canada WP and i am currently in India. Also i have a US B1 VISA. My company wanted me to travel to US for transition (Reqs gathering) using my B1 visa for 4 weeks and then I will be going to CANADA office working for long term. My CANADA WP is valid till Sep 2014; Out of the below 2 options which one is risk free. 1. Travel to US from India with my B1 and then enter CANADA 2. Travel to CANADA, immigrate into CANADA and then travel to US.. I heard someone saying that if you are traveling to US from CANADA, the US immigrations will be over in CANADA itself. Can someone please suggest an optimal option. Thanks..
  2. idk1983

    Do I qualify for H1 2015? - URGENT PLEASE

    Thanks all for your comments,, this has been very useful..
  3. Hi, I was in US in my L1B for almost 5 years without a break of 1 year. Returned back to India: 01-May-2013 Date when i would have reached 5 years is: 10-May-2013, but i left US 10 days before completing 5 full years. Now my employer is planning to file my H1 for 2015, I believe similar to last year, even this year the quota is expected to reach the limit within first few days of April. Questions: 1. If i file my H1 for 2015 by April 1st, when i eventually travel with that H1, can i stay for full 6 years? 2. If my clock wont be reset until May 1st 2014, then do i have to wait till 2016 to file my H1 to leverage the full 6 years? 3. Please suggest any other options (I know i can still apply my L1 after May 1st 2014)? This is URGENT request as my employer is asking to submit my h1 documents, i dont want to waste my H1 for just one year. Please provide any suggestions to leverage the full 6 years of my H1.
  4. Thank you so much for all your replies.. So i cant even file my H1 Petition before May 2nd 2014 even though i will be travelling on my H1 only around Nov 2014. In case if my company still wants to file my H1 by Apr 2014, my 1 year (6th year) would technically start from the day I enter US or from the date I file my H1? So my options would be applying for L1 B or L1 A by May 2nd 2014 technically? I have been performing managerial role for the past 2 years and now that i will be completing my 1 year outside US and performing managerial role, i believe i will qualify to apply for my L1A by May 2014. My tTotal years of experience by May 2014 will be: 9.5 Years in the same company.Just wanted to check if my chances of getting L1A will be Good.
  5. Thank you so much for your replies.. My company looking for my travel around May next year.. Say if i file my H1 on Apr 2014 and can still i apply for my L1 B on May 2014 and travel with my L1B and then once i get my H1 petition approved while i am in US, can I switch to H1 from L1B. Please advice..
  6. Hi, I was at US continuously for 5 years in my L1 and I returned back to India on May 01, 2013. If I were to apply a new L1 B should I wait till May 2014, by that time I will complete one full year outside US OR can I still apply my L1 B right now and travel after May 2014. Could you please provide your inputs in my case.
  7. idk1983

    L1 A Eligibility

    Hi - I have been in L1 B in US for 5 Years and returned back to India on May 2013. I was performing managerial role while I was in US for the last 6 moths before i came to India and even in India I am currently performing manager role. Can i apply for my L1 A before I complete one year in India even though i started performing the manager while i was in US. OR Is it better to wait for an Year,i mean till next May 2014 and then apply for L1A, Are there more chances of getting my L1A approved if i wait to complete an year in India. Please provide your thoughts. I have a total of 9 years IT experience and i have been doing manager role for the last one year (6-8 months while i was in US on L1B & 4-5 months in India currently)..
  8. idk1983

    L1 B Reached 5 years limit

    Hi, I came to US at 2007 and stayed in US for 2.5 years and went back to India and stayed in India for 9 months. Then came back to US and stayed for another 2.5 years. Now i reached my max limit of 5 years in L1B in US without a break of one year. 1. Can i stay in India 3 months to make it 365 days break and eligible to return to US? 2. Should i stay continuously for an year (365 days) and then i will eligible to return to US? Please help me with my questions.
  9. Hi, I am currently on L1 B VISA and my VISA expires on Sep 2013. This is my second L1 B. In my first L1 B i was in US for 2.5 years. Then i was working from India for 9 months and got my new L1B. I will reach my 5 years continuous stay in US without a break of an year by May 2013. (Without including my 9 months stay in India) I have below questions: 1. If I apply for H1 now, will i get my H1 only till May 2014. 2. Also while applying for H1 B, should I produce the proof for my 9 months stay in India 3. I am planning to apply for H1 B through a new employer, will they have an option to file for my Labour along with my H1 4. Am i eligible to apply for GC under EB2 (I have total IT experience of 7+ years. I dont have Masters) 5. Please suggest the options I have to continue my stay past 5 years in US Can someone please help with my below questions Thanks