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  1. Hi, My case status changed to changed to interview scheduled today. I am traveling to India end of march. Assuming the interview is one month from date of the letter and if interview goes well, i will be a US citizen but wont have a US passport to travel. Will I still be able to travel with my indian passport? If not what r my options as I cant cancel the trip. Also, i didnt add in my speeding ticket int he original n400 application as it slipped my kind when doig the application and went to DMV this week and DMV doesnt have a record since it has been more than 6 years.I dont have any dates or records for the speeding ticket. Any suggestions on how to go about it during the interview.
  2. I am a green card holder. I got my GC based on my spouse's priority date under EB2 last year. My employer also started process for my GC but cancelled it since I got my GC through my spouse. Recently my employer increased around 20k more for people in identical job as mine under H1B to meet the prevailing wage for the employees to apply for GC. Since I am already on GC, do prevailing wages apply for me as well even though I applied through my spouse and not through employer or I am out of luck and prevailing wage doesnt apply for me? I am planning to ask for the increase as they increased for others to meet the prevailing wage but need to make sure the same terms apply to me as well before I ask my employer.
  3. pistu

    I-94 replacement

    My wife & I went for interview at USCIS office regarding my wife's GC. She filed her I-485 based on our marriage (EB2 priority date April 2007) and I already have GC. The uscis officer said our case is approved and try to update the computer but the system didnt allow to issue the GC as unfortunately we missed the priority date by a week. The officer took our I-94 as she thought she was going to give us the GC and we didnt worry about it much since we assumed we will be getting our GC in Oct. Based on news from Murthy.com that the priority date may roll all the way back to Oct 2006. We are planning to go back to India in Dec. is there a way we can request the I-94 rom the USCIS officer or do we need to apply for replacement I-94 and pay the 300-400 dollar application fee?
  4. pistu

    I-94 replacement

    Thanks Belle, Will there be any issue at port of entry during the return? I am assuming not.
  5. pistu

    I485 Interview - NBC

    1. Yo will be asked to go to the local USCIS office. 2. They will ask basic questions like yourdob , so make sure you take your passport, birth of certificate, ead, i-94's. Also advisable to take a copy of documents you used to apply and any documents asked in your appointment letter. 3. They cant give you the green card till your priority date becomes current. USCIS officer will pretty much say at the end, we will contact you if we need additional information. 4. The interview is a breeze, so dont stress too much about it.
  6. pistu

    Close but no cigar

    We had our I-485 interview earlier today at USCIS. Interview went well, the officer took our I-94 etc and when everything was done she clicked approve on the computer but got back a message that we dont meet the cutoff date. Our priority date is April 2007 EB2, so not sure what it meant, she was going to check it and let us know, havent heard back yet. Later we got a email from attorney that visas are out as of Apr 11 for the fiscal year and may have to wait till October.
  7. pistu

    i-485 interview

    My wife has her I-485 interview next week. I am an permanent resident and have to go with her. Do I need to take any documents other than my GC and passport? also anyone has any recent family based 485 interview experience and if so can you let me know what type of questions will they ask? Thanks.
  8. pistu

    Close but no cigar

    Tusharvk.. this was for my wife based on my PD. I already received my gc. PD-Apr 2007 Wife application in Aug 11. RFE-jan 11 regarding validity of marriage March 1, 2012- Interview letter Apr 23- interview and all they asked was a copy of Birth certificate which we already provided. so now waiting till visas are available.
  9. I would recommend submitting your joint tax returns, joint bank accounts, auto, medical or life insurance, utility bills,trips, wedding photos... coz thats what I am collecting right now. We didnt have any documents together, these were the documents suggested to prove mine was a bonafide marraige.
  10. pistu

    Validity of marriage

    I received an RFE to prove validity of marriage. I am a newly wed, so we dont have any documents together as a couple to prove. I am in the process of opening a joint bank account, adding to insurance, beneficiary statement, etc. I would like to know what documents other than marriage certificate, newly weds or others who are in the similar situation, provide to prove the validity of marriage.
  11. 15 days to receive receipt notice 30 days from receipt notice for finger print notice usually around 2 months from the date you sent in the application for your finger print appointment EAD may vary few ppl got after fingerprinting and few before fingerprinting. Supposedly 3 months from date of filing, everyone usually gets their EAD.
  12. pistu

    spouse 485 question

    my green card details are as follows: 1. Received my welcome notice on the 10th. e-mail stated that uscis sent the approval notice on aug 8th. 2. Recieved my card on Aug 11th with issue date of Aug 4 Spouse application was sent in on Aug 5 and should have reached USCIS Aug 8. since the issue date is Aug 4, will my spouse application be accepted and receive within the next 3 months or did she miss the deadline and will have to wait to get the GC through the long 3 yr process?
  13. pistu

    August 2011 EB2 Tracker

    Got my approval notice by e-mail today! PD: April 7, 07 EB2 NSC filed I-485 during july 07 fiasco Sent in application for wife on August 5, not sure when my greencard was approved soo another confusion! welcome e-mail says "we mailed you a notice on Aug 8" so not sure if her application will be accepted, since her application wouldnt have reached till the 8th. any thoughts?
  14. pistu

    August 2011 EB2 Tracker

    PD: April 7, 07 EB2 NSC filed I-485 during july 07 fiasco Sending in application for wife today. Staus: pending
  15. I am currently in India and wont be returning till August 4th. I am on EB2 and my priority date is current (Apr 07) and recently got married and haven't filed for my wife (wife is on H1b) yet. Will it be ok to return on Aug 4 to file following to join for my wife or do I have to rebook my flight tkts to return by July 31st?? can anyone let me know how long it usually takes to get gc approved? any possibility of my gc being approved before Aug 4th? any ideas or suggestions are welcome.
  16. I am getting married end of July in India and wont be returning before Aug 15. My priority date is April 7, 07, and EB2 category and I am assuming it will be current in August bulletin. Is there any grace period to apply for my wife after we return in case my gc gets approved by Aug 15th? or do we have to return by August 1?
  17. pistu

    procedural question

    My priority date is Apr 07 and am hoping it will be current in August bulletin. Ihave a question on how the priority date works. for example, if the date retrogresses say to March 07 in Oct bulletin and I havent received my green card by then, will I have to wait again till the dates move to April 07 or will I still get my greencard even after the date retrogresses? Also, i am gettign married in july and coming back end of july, hopefully that will give us enough time to do the paperwork and medical exam for my spouse by Aug 1, let me know if anyone is in the same situation and what is the best way to handle this situation. Thanks in advance.
  18. pistu

    Any suggestions?

    hello everyone, My EB2 priority date is April 7, 2007. I am getting married on July 10 in India and was planning to apply for my future wife to my application (not sure about the right term) when my priority date becomes current. I was originally planning to return mid august. I understand i cant apply for my future wife till I get back here with her since I have to submit latest I-94, marriage certificate etc.. Will it still be ok for us to travel back by early august or in case if the priority dates become current next month, should I come back before end of July?? Also when the august bulletin says the dates will be effective august, does it mean they will start considering the application in the beginning of august or the date of release of bulletin? Also, if we dont come back till mid-august and the dates are current what will happen to our application?? I understand its a long question, any help is appreciated, Thanks for your help in advance....