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  1. Thanks bayarea_girl for your response, just hope this processing time changes. Also any idea if this is cumulative timeframe from the time it was filed or does it show as of , meaning - if it;s showing 17 months now - is it 17 months from now or from March 2021 in your case ?
  2. Hello Friends - I need some help, we applied for Citizenship (N-400) in October 2020 and the biometrics was completed for both me and my spouse at end of January 2021. Now that when I track my case on uscis.gov, it shows processing timeline of 13 months. Initially 2 months back, it was showing approximately 7 months and now it's 13 months. I wanted to check with folks in this community to see if they have similar situation or if anyone applied for citizenship last year , if yes - what day/month they filed and what is the current status of their application. The reason I am asking is 1) to understand if it's really going to be 13 months 2) we were planning to move to Tampa, Florida and also wanted to check if it may be quicker to get the processing done in the Tampa center ? Appreciate your help / guidance / support on this. Thank you all !
  3. DhirajGa

    L1-B to L1-A - change of visa

    Hi All - I am currently in United States on L1-B Visa, my wife is on L2 visa. I came to United states in Feb 2011 and went back to India in Nov 2011 - this was on L1-B visa. I travelled back to United States on L1-B visa in March 2012 till present. Now I am travelling back to India to get my L1-A visa stamping (I am travelling alone - my wife will still be in United States) , I have an L1-A blanket petition and going for L1-A visa stamping. Does anyone see any issues in doing so ? Will the consulate have any issues with this i.e. changing from L1-B to L1-A ? Please let me know at the earliest. Thanks for your help !!
  4. DhirajGa

    L2 EAD extension

    Greetings !! Hi All - My L1 Visa stamped on my passport was valid till Aug '13 and I have an approved L1 petition valid till Aug'15. Same is the case with my wife. She has her L2 Visa stamped on the passport till Aug'13 and an approved L2 petition valid till Aug'15. She traveled to India in May 2013 and returned to US in June 2013. Her passport is stamped with I-94 dated - 28-Sep-2015 Her L2 EAD is expiring on 14-MAY-2014, can we apply for her EAD extension now. If yes, what are the documents required to file, also how much estimated time does it take for the extension to be approved. please let us know. Also which I-94 should we submit , as if we print from USCIS site, it will have the I-94 valid till 28-SEP-2015, or if we submit the I-94 which we got when we filed for L2 extension which has I-94 valid till 31-Aug-2015 Please let me know. thanks for your help !! Rgds, Dhiraj
  5. I tried to add a post and not sure if that got posted, hence posting it again - sorry if it's already there... Hello All - Thanks for reading through this. I am currently in US on L1 Visa along with my spouse on L2 Visa. I am planning to apply for my parents Visitor Visa (B2) and had couple of questions, it would be great if you can help me out... 1) My father had a stroke in 2007, after which he retired from his business. Now my brother handles all the business stuff. While filing up DS-160, I had the below questions In the Present Work section, we have selected as "Retired". In the Previous Work/Education/Training Information - it mentions: NOTE: Provide your employment information for the last five years that you were employed, if applicable. After which there is a question : Were you previously employed? Yes or No What should we fill here for my Dad (yes or no ??), as he is not working since 2007 till now and is retired. Do we have to fill in information from 2002 till 2007 or is it asking for the current last five years - from 2008 till now ? 2) I am sponsoring their travel, so what all documents should I send from my side to my parents ? Below is the list as per my understanding and search over the net, please do let me know if I am missing something or needs any correction: a. Invite Letter b. My Salary slips - last 3 months c. I-134 for both mom and dad - do we need to get this notarized ? d. Employment Verification Letter on my company letter head. e. Bank Statement - do we need to get this notarized ? f. I-797 , my passport copy, visa copy, I-94 copy g. W-2 form ? If yes, do they need original or a copy will do ? h. My Deputation Letter i. My marriage certificate (optional -correct ?) j, Spouse passport copy (optional -correct ?) 3) This is what my parents are planning to carry from their side: a. Covering letter for the purpose of the travel (Letter to Consulate) b. Passport c. Bank Statement last 6 months - do we need to get this notarized ? d. Letter stating - Property (flat) owned, Jewelry, Fixed Deposits - do we need to get a valuation for the same and get it notarized ? Also - do we need to carry all the originals for the above ? e. 2 Photographs Please do reply me at your earliest convenience. Once again, thanks for your help ! Regards
  6. DhirajGa

    EAD applied for L2 Dependent Visa

    Dear Sir/Madam - Hope you doing good ! We have applied for a EAD for my spouse who is on L2 visa. We have received a Form I-797C, Notice of Action with the following information Notice Type - Receipt Case Type - I-765, Application for Employment Authorization Receipt Number - ******** (13 digits) Received Date - April 03, 2012 Notice Date - April 5, 2012 USCIS Alien Number - It's blank The contain says - that The above application/petition has been received by our office and is in process It also has a note which says Please note that if a priority date is printed on this notice, the priority does not reflect earlier retained priority dates. When we tried to search the case status by providing the Receipt Number on uscis.gov site, it say - cannot find the information/case. Can you please suggest what should be the next step ? Thanks in advance Regards