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  1. AnandBlueSlip

    221g Administrative processing

    @ piyushgiri Try to call DOS but they will give specific response "application under adm processing or pending with consulate" Try to contact consulate on the newwebsite...most likely the feedback part is monitored by VFS but you can give it a try... update if you get positive outcomes.
  2. AnandBlueSlip

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    Nope!!!!..4 months and case still pending...No update. Anybody with positive news...
  3. AnandBlueSlip

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    H1B visa stamp @ mumbai consulate. Interview date; 07 Feb 2012 Model: Direct Employer 221G (color and docs asked); Blue, documents from employer and my side docs submission date: 07 Feb 2012 17 Feb 2012: email from consualte requesting addional documents from employer docs submission date: 21 Feb 2012 Date CEAC barcode appeared on the website: still waiting. So far no vefification conducted as per employer...DOS status is administrative processing...standard reply from VFS........All this while the rent+other bills keep piing on everymonth...not sure when this agony will be over...thanks to mumbai consulate.