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  1. Thanks everyone for replying my query .. Thanks Team.
  2. Hi Team, Here is my situation , I am currently in US . I was planning to get my L1A visa stamped in Canada , So planned an appointment for March-27th , but my appointment was cancelled because of COVID outbreak . I had to travel India in the month of August/September . I am thinking of creating a another DS-160 and book an appointment in Chennai, India rather travelling to Canada for stamping . Now Chennai embassy is also closed for appointment’s . So I am planning to book a appointment in Chennai when the embassy opens. I have these question in my mind, appreciate if anyone can help me. Is it ok to have 2 DS-160’s and 2 appointment one in Canada embassy and another in Chennai, India embassy ? is this acceptable ? As my Canada appointment is cancelled, so planning to create a new DS-160 for Chennai, India and book an appointment in Chennai.
  3. shakthijan5

    H1 to L1A Approval, question if stamping required

    Thank you
  4. shakthijan5

    i-140 applying while dependents are in India.

    Thank you .
  5. Hi , Can anyone help me answer this ? Can I file my I-140 while my dependent is in India , not physically present in US . My employer is ready to file my i-140 and my wife and children are in India . I am worried if this will cause any issue in my I-140 or should I need to wait until my family arrive in US .
  6. shakthijan5

    H1 to L1A Approval, question if stamping required

    Hi Senior Members, Any one can help answering above question ..
  7. Hi Vel, I am in the same situation where my wife as in India when I did my H1 to L1 conversion and now she has to go for stamping before she can enter in to country . Can she go with my approved i-797 alone ?
  8. Hi Murthy Team, Could you please help me with the below queries . My situation is I have my H1B stamped until Dec-2021. My company applied for my H1B to L1A transfer petition and it got approved last week with the I-94 (COS) . My wife is currently in India and she has H4 stamped until Dec-2021. Since She was in India my company didn’t apply for her H4 to L2 transfer. My question is My wife is planning to travel US in April , should she go for new L2 stamping before travel? or can she travel with H4 ? If my wife goes for L2 stamping . At this point I don’t have my L1A stamped in my passport. I only have approved L1A - i797 with I94 . Can she go for stamping with my approved I-797 alone? Or should she need to carry a copy of my L1A stamped passport copy ? ( My worry is should I need to go for stamping before she goes for stamping ). Thanks, Shakti
  9. Hi ,My fiancee when for her H4 interview on april 24th and she has done MSC biotech and has worked on a biotech firm for last 2 years amd she is currnetly resigned. Its been 3 weeks we send the documetns they requested mainly CV/Resume and some details more of them are irrelavent .. Was your fiance scenario also the same ? any idea how muach time it will take . Thanks, sathish Kumar .T