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  1. Can any one please let me know your reply? I am going to get lay off in another few months as company is moving out of state. It's urgent and I need to decide whether to accept the new offer or not
  2. Hi, I am in EAD and applied GC under EB2. I am planning to change employer using AC21 2nd time. The PERM title is "Senior Application Developer" My questions are as follows 1. Can any one tell me the similar job title? 2. Is there a website to check similar job title or job code? 3. Are all job functions needs to be same or similar functions? Example: If I am not performing on certain job functions because they don't have the software package at the new employer, will this cause denial of my Green card? Please let me know your answers and thank yo for your great help
  3. HI, 1.How soon we need to file AC21 after job change? 2.What is the minimum and maximum period to file AC21 after job change? 3.My wife got EAD and she never used her EAD for work. If I change the job using AC21, do I need to hire a new attorney for AC21 and G-28 filing just for me(Primary) or also for family (Derivative)? 4.Any idea how much it cost to hire an attorney for this? 5. Is it okay with the new job tiitle "Developer" Vs "Senior Application Developer" on PERM? Please let me now and thank you for your advise
  4. I filed my I-485 in EB2 Feb 2012 and got my EAD in Nov 2012(I applied EAD/AP separately). I am planning to change my employer using AC21 and my current job Title is "Senior Application Developer". The new job title with another employer is "Senior Programmer Analyst". The job duties are essentially same Another thing is that even though I have given my finger print 5 months before I apply my EAD, There is a box which says "Finger print not available" on my EAD/AP combo card. I completed my FP in April 2012. EAD applied in Oct 2012 and received the combo card on Nov 2012. I did not receive any notice for 2nd time finger print from USCIS. My questions are below 1. Are there any problems in approving my AOS because of the different job title for the new employment? 2. Do we need to maintain the same job title when we change employers using AC21? 3. Are there any problems if I use my AP to travel to India and back to US with "Finger print not available" issue on my EAD/AP combo card? or Do I need to correct the issue from USCIS before leaving from US? Please let me know your expert advice as soon as possible and thank you for your great help
  5. stv

    Apply EAD/AP after I-485 filling

    Dear Experts and Attorneys, Please answer to my questions
  6. stv

    Apply EAD/AP after I-485 filling

    Dear Experts, My EB2 (India) priority date is Oct 2009 I-485 filed on 03/09/12 Finger prints are completed on 04/12/12 I did not apply EAD and AP at the time of filling I-485 As you know all EB2 visa retrogression to Aug 2007 from May 2012 My question Can I apply EAD and AP any time after or during retrogression to get approval without any problem? Do I need to apply when my priority date is current. i.e. before 04/30/12? Can I apply on my own without attorney from online? Please let me know your expertise advise Thank you.