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  1. @DontWorryBeHappy Bro .. please give me your contact details... i to got a call from COnsulate for re interview...
  2. i went to interview in 2012 mid.. got 221(g) got a call in last week for Re INterview ... please help me anyone faced this type of interview
  3. devigadu

    221g HYD November 14

    @naveen - **********
  4. i got a call from consulate - they asked me to come for interview again with Passport and Email they sent .... tention tention =---- please update me anyone faced this type of interview
  5. i am waiting from June 2012 on 221g white slip... no update i saw my case updated on 24th Aug 2012 .. from 4 months... i sent so many mails to support team and called several times also... no update ... waiting waiting
  6. devigadu

    221g HYD November 14

    @221g Hyd - But i consulted the helpdesk... they are saying need to registered... and asked them for my case status.... but they said we dont have any information regarding case... i sent a mail with my case details to support-india@ustraveldocs.com please help me friends
  7. devigadu

    221g HYD November 14

    hmmm ... friend did u registered on this website... before interview or after interview.. www.ustraveldocs.com/in i am also in same ship... 221(g) .. but i am waiting from July... today i called helpdesk.. they said register on that website... even they dont have my case details.
  8. devigadu

    Visa under Administrative Processing

    Hi Dude, did they asked anything like to register your profile on www.ustraveldocs.com/in website ... i to got 221(g) in July ... up to last month i saw my case under administrative processing... now its showing as Case Number is wrong i called helpdesk... they said .. from September the total processing is changed... please register on that ustraveldocs website.. and i sent a mail to to support-india@ustraveldocs.com i waiting for the reply...
  9. devigadu

    H1B Interview - VO kept my passport, no slip issued.

    @pappu please post the questions VO Aksed
  10. devigadu

    Sucessful Visa Stamping at Chennai

    @hello123 - congrats i am staying in hyd, is that ok to go to Chennai directly - here i am tense with Hyd consulate - please advice me ...