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  1. champswc2011

    Company Bankruptcy impact on H1 and Green card

    The company has emerged out of bankruptcy an year ago and has been paying above Prevailing wage for both GC and H1 all the time, will there any question about bankruptcy during EB2 to EB3 I-140 downgrade? Could that cause denial of EB3 I-140 and also revoke existing EB2-140?
  2. Many international carriers canceled their flights to USA and India went into lockdown within very limited notice period. Current geopolitical situation is fluid and countries are closing borders. Can this be used to file for extension? Can COVID-19 be used as Special Situation? Thank you!
  3. champswc2011

    H-1B visa stamping @ Nuevo Laredo

    Looks like my detailed message did not make it to the forum. To answer your questions, 1) Yes you can book the cabbie ahead of time by simply texting in Whatsapp in Spanish. I used Google Translate. 2) Yes, we kept our belongings in hotel and at reception desk when were at Consulate to pick the passport. 3) I did carry 100$ - mostly in 5$ and 1 $ and rest in 10$
  4. champswc2011

    H-1B visa stamping @ Nuevo Laredo

    Please send me a direct message.
  5. Called CBP deferred inspection site representative in Houston. officer mentioned we are good. Additionally, officer mentioned things work differently at land borders and as long as paper I-94(attached to USCIS H-1B) is valid, there is no need for entry stamp or new I-94 if traveled to Canada or Mexico via land border and stay outside is less than 30 days. Furthermore, she mentioned NOT all the information from land border entries is available online.
  6. Hi, My friend got H-1B visa stamping in Nuevo Laredo yesterday and entered into Laredo, TX yesterday via land border at International Bridge -1 for pedestrians. CBP officer did NOT put new entry stamp in new passport or generate NEW I-94 even though fees were already paid online. Officer said since a valid I-94 is attached to the current H-1B approval(petition end some time in July 2022), there is no need for a new I-94. To make sure, my friend asked the officer again and the officer went to his supervisor/coworker and reconfirmed there is no need for new I-94. Accordingly, no new I-94 was generated. The problem we have is when trying to retrieve I-94 and entry information online, we are NOT finding the information about the latest entry. When OLD passport number is used retrieve info on I-94 website, understandably, it shows validity date which was 3 years ago. Two H-1B approvals were obtained and NO new travel outside USA was done since April 2015. When new passport number is used "No record found for traveler." was shown on the CBP site. Is this a problem? We still have I-94 attached to the current H-1B approval with validity until July 2022. Background: Same I-94 number is being used since April 2015(generated in DFW after air travel). However, new passport was obtained in Dec 2017. My friend was in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for only 30 hours.
  7. champswc2011

    DS 160 job duties

    Thank you! This is exactly what happened. Friend did not update DS160 and when asked in the interview about job duties...said the detailed job duties even though DS160 has generic description of the job.
  8. champswc2011

    DS 160 job duties

    Hi, This is a for friend. Under work experience section for H-1 DS160, should the job duties for current job match exactly with the Employer letter? Is this a problem? In DS160 field, job duties were stated in a more generic way and the form was already submitted. However, Employer letter has a detailed job description and it matches with what was submitted with I-129. Background: Friend has received an RFE for previous H1 petition(2017) and the response was filed with a detailed job description and this detailed job description was used in the subsequent extension petition(2019). The generic description of duties was listed in 2014 H1 petition and also during 2017 initial filing. For the all the three petitions(2014, 2017, 2019) it is the same job and these less-detailed job duties was listed in DS160 used for stamping in 2015 as well. Customer care says the existing appointment has to be cancelled if DS160 confirmation number has to be updated. Thank you!
  9. champswc2011

    Issues Facing in DS 160

    I have had the same problem. However, I went ahead submitted the form without any issues. Couple of my friends also had the same issue and everyone got their stamping.
  10. champswc2011

    H-1B visa stamping @ Nuevo Laredo

    I work in IT
  11. Hi there! I went to Nuevo Laredo Consulate last week for H1 stamping. Day 1: Drove from Dallas to Laredo via San Antonio: Day 2: Finger printing Appt.: Went to ASC @ 10 AM to see where the location is from Best western by walk. The ASC personnel said I can come in even though, I have an appointment at 13:00. He said DS 160 confirmation and passport is what is needed. However, when I went for my fingerprinting appointment, I took DS 160 confirmation, old and new passport, fingerprinting and visa appointment confirmation, and I 797 copy to be safe They only checked DS-160 confirmation and annotated E and FF+F and wrote visa interview appointment time. All together took 5-7 minutes. No purses, backpacks, smart devices, phones allowed. Wallet is okay to take. Called NLD Freedom Nuevo Laredo Taxi service to ensure he is available to drop at the consulate next day. He does NOT know English much, however, managed by texting in Spanish via Whatsapp. Used Google translate to convert texts from English to Spanish and vice versa. Charged 6$ each way and the ride takes 2-5 minutes in car. Day 3: Interview: I went to Consulate at 7:20 AM for the appointment at 7:45 AM. I was the first standing in the line for the day. At around 7:35 AM, someone came out and checked to ensure you have DS-160 and it is H-1 renewal. Then went to security screening where they make you remove jacket, belt, wallet, etc. After the screening, you will be routed to the main building and instructed to go all the way to end to enter the main building. There is an additional check on your documents(PP, DS160, I797, etc.) as soon as your enter the main building You will made to sit on orange chairs and then will be directed to counters 8 or 9 for another round of verification. Some basic questions about you/employer will be asked here. After few minutes you will be asked to go to counter 6 another round(fourth) of verification. After this verification at counter 6, we were asked to stand in line for the actual interview at counters 3 and 4. Went to Counter 3(lady officer) and I was the first one for her for that day. Greeting exchanged Took PP, DS160, Employer Letter, and I -797 1) Are you so and so(Title)? 2) Are going to be working at location? She said the location name and I replied yes. 3) How long on H1? 4) Do you have approved I-140 pending? 5) Can I get your I-140 copy? 6) Are you married? 7) why is your wife not here? 8)Were you on F1 before? 9)Where did you study? I have master of science from University of ABC. 10) specialization/major? Computer Engineering? No, Chemical Engineering Finally, VO said visa is approved and you can collect today at 3:15 PM(Monday - Thursday)(2:15 PM (Friday). Had a white-color pamphlet and this can be used to enter the building for passport pick in the afternoon. it took about 5-7 mnutes for the interview and I was out by 8:15 AM. The cab driver was waiting for me outside and was back in the hotel by 8:20 AM. Checked out the hotel at 2 PM. Walked to the consulate to pick my passport. They will let you in at 3:15 PM (or 2:15 PM on Friday) after security screening. Checked the visa information and if there are any errors in the visa, they will correct and give it to you. Came to the hotel and filled I-94 online($6) and took print out at Best Western reception desk. Requested NLD Freedom Nuevo Laredo Taxi service to drop at bridge - 1 ($8 US dollars). Took about 20 minutes to get there, crossed the bridge and went to immigration. I-94 paper form will be given at counter 13 where they take your picture and finger prints. Immigration will be a breeze if you fill everything online and take the fee payment receipt along with you. No questions asked for me... gave my drivers license and passport. I forgot my I-797 and other docs (not passport though) at the immigration counter and somehow remembered while walking to my car. Went back to immigration counter and collected my I-797, DS-160, and other papers. Misc. Info: Parked (16 USD/day) the car at Greyhound bus station and you will be charged per hour($2 USD per hour) and max they charge per day is 16$. They go by number of hours instead of calendar days. Dollars were accepted by Cab drivers, hotels, and local stores. however, you may get less exchange rate. Best Western gave 18.70 peso for a dollar. Pharmacy store gave only 17.5 pesos for 1 USD. There is Starbucks and Dominos across the street. Los Ajos is across the street from ASC. You may have to change Tooltip language at DS 160 confirmation page because I ended up getting the DS 160 confirmation in Spanish and after changing the tooltip I got in English. Did not take any agent service. Need to pay 4 quarters to cross into Mexico side. There are some machine they give you change for dollar bills. While coming back, it is 5 pesos or 30 cents. For cab driver's info, you may google with the name I have listed. All (1 EVC guy from Austin, 1 family H1 and 2 H4(daughter and wife), another guy) got the passport same day). If driving by car to San Antonio, there will be another check at around mile marker 28 on I-35. This will be more of a casual talk and have visa handy. I overheard the other VO asking applicants about why Nuevo Laredo, do you have plans to go to India, etc. DS-160, Passport, I-797, I-140(if more than 6 years on H1), LCA, Employer letter and client letter(if applicable) is a must. Good Luck!!! Disclaimer: This is just my experience and please don't conclude anything from this post without proper research.
  12. champswc2011

    H1b Stamping at Nuevo Laredo on 17th and 18th july 2019

    Congrats, Zorro3099! Did you take any agent service or did you travel to consulate/ASC your own? Do cabs in Nuevo Laredo accept US bills or did you carry Mexican Pesos? How long did it take for you to cross the border? Thank you!
  13. champswc2011

    Company Bankruptcy impact on H1 and Green card

    Thank you for the reply JoeF.
  14. My employer filed bankruptcy under Chapter 11 reorganization this week. My I-140 petition was approved for this employer in 2015. I am in 8th year of H1. 1) Will Chapter 11 automatically make USCIS revoke this approved I-140? 2) Can this I-140 be used in the next 2-3 months to do H-1B transfer to another employer, if layoffs are announced? 3) At the time of writing, there are no changes to job title, responsibilities, company name, location, tax id, etc. Would like to know the impact on the current H1 (valid until the end of 2019) due to bankruptcy. Is an amendment needed for this H1? 4) Will there be any impact on future H1 petitions or at I-485 step in GC with the same company, if they make it out of Chapter 11? I highly appreciate the inputs from the members who have been through this situation. Thank you in advance for your time and help!
  15. champswc2011

    Bankruptcy Chapter 11

    Thanks for the reply Pontevecchio. The layoffs have not happened yet, I am trying my best to gather info so I can make better decisions. If still employed by the company in the same role as petitioned with _no_ changes to job duties, what is the impact on current H-1 due to Chapter 11? Will an H-1B amendment necessary? Thank you!