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  1. phillyorange

    EB2 PD (08/2009)

    Yep, you are correct. That's a type. It was October 2020. I am still curious to see any of this forum members who's PD become current in October 2020 bulletin, received any communication.
  2. phillyorange

    EB2 PD (08/2009)

    Hello: I am on EB2 and my PD is August 2009. My date has become current in October 2021 Visa bulletin. I did not receive any further communication from USCIS. I had my medical exam done about 5 years ago, and finger prints done around 8 years ago. Wondering if anyone here with PD in the same range has received any communication? Thanks
  3. phillyorange

    EAD /AP - Job loss

    Hello: I have a EAD (AOS/AP) approved, and i am on EAD for about 8 years now. Due to the changes in economy, my job is at risk and perhaps, i might loose by job in a few weeks. What happens to 1. My priority date (August 2009/EB2), and 2. Do i become out of status and have to leave country?
  4. Hello: On my Indian Passport, i have the following Family: S**** V******* Given Name: P****** K***** When i applied for EAD/AP, on the I-765 i have First Name: P**** K Last Name: S****** Other Name: S**** V**** Pr**** K**** So my I-765 is approved, and i got my EAD/AP combo, however when i went for DMV for license renewal, they stated name is truncated, and hence it should be changed in SSN, otherwise they wouldnt give me the license My Questions I am planning to visit india in couple weeks, would i have problem at port of Entry?
  5. Update FP notice received in mail : 05/05/2012 FP Appointment Date: 05/30/2012
  6. Priority Date Current in Feb 2012 Applied I-485, I-131(AP) and I765(EAD) on 04/12/2012 (texas) Receipt Date: 04/13/2012 Notice Date : 04/17/2012 Received receipt notice in mail: Waiting FP notice received in mail : WAITING FP Appointment Date: WAITING EAD/AP Approved : WAITING EAD/AP in mail : WAITING I-485 Approved : WAITING GC in mail : WAITING