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  1. upenther123

    Visa Stamping H1B (A) -- >(B) -->(C)

    You need to get a End client © letter or a email from End client © stating they don't provide letters to Consultants. Since your LCA has end client address I would suggest take any one of the above proofs.
  2. Richmond is the Loomis branch for vancouver..
  3. upenther123

    H1-B stamping with DUI

    Since your case is dismissed. Don't worry much. Carry the court documents you should be fine.
  4. upenther123

    need info EVVC model

    Amendment is necessary in your case since your H1 was approved with earlier client. Get that done and go for interview.
  5. You need to have H1 amendment with the latest client you are working now before you go for stamping to avoid possible questions in the interview.
  6. upenther123

    DS-160 Question????????????

    You can specify either Client Location Or Employer location.
  7. upenther123

    H1 Stamping & Passport Validity

    Nope. You are good to go.
  8. upenther123

    OPT to H1B Stamping First time

    No. You don't need to carry any additional documents In regards to I-94. Make sure you mention the previous entry dates into US on DS forms. Good Luck
  9. upenther123

    Suceesfull stamping @ vancouver Dec10th

    You should have a answer for quitting ph d and taking up job on CPT if asked. Since u left Ph d the highest degree should be Masters In Mechanical Engineering on DS forms.
  10. upenther123

    Suceesfull stamping @ vancouver Dec10th

    It depends on VO. Be prepared to answer if asked about the gap. As per law you can stay unemployed for 90 days in initial OPT.Are you with the same employer from then?
  11. There is no time frame for 221g. What questions did VO ask? Do you have Dl from same location where u work?
  12. upenther123

    Suceesfull stamping @ vancouver Dec10th

    So your OPT start date and 1st employer start date has 6 months gap?
  13. Successful visa approved for me and my friend(Both Non IT back ground) Our Visa Experience: My Visa experience: Interview was about 10-15mins. Which client your work? Do you have client letter. I had client letter and VO was thoroughly checking client letter. He asked me couple of questions from letter. Asked W2 , LCA, Paystub. Asked Master degree and transcripts. Finally said visa approved. My Friend visa experience writting on behalf of him: Interview was about 30-40mins. Questions: Is this your first H1. Who is your employer Do you have end client What was your highest degree? Which Specialization. My friend was from Mech too and he was asked about 20-25 mins asking to explain how his degree related to job at client location. He answered accordingly and was asked to show degree transcripts. As per my friend, VO went through each subject on transcripts and was ask to explain how those subjects were related to work at client location.He was able to answer referring couple of subjects which needs programming knowledge and how it was useful for his job. Then he was asked to show driver licence, Paystubs, LCA and I129. Finally said visa approved. As per my friend, interview was not easy(as stated above) and all we need is confidence and prompt answer. Never say I don't know or break while answering. Remember you know better than VO regarding you subjects or back ground. So answer confidently ,clearly and make it simple so that VO can understand you. Other important thing is LCA and Driver licence address should be same or should be matched. If you don't have drive licence as per address mentioned on LCA, take any address proof document(Lease papers is another best option) which shows current address as mentioned on LCA. We have seen people getting issued 221g for not providing proper address proof. Accommodation and other facilities: Most of the motels are pretty close to US consulate office.Transportation is very good, so if you are staying around 3-4 kms radius that should not be a problem. Staples and fed ex office are pretty close. In case if you forgot any print out or something you can get them from staples or fed-ex. Hope this info would be useful. So plan accordingly and be confident during the interview(easy to say, tough to follow :D) Good luck to all.
  14. upenther123

    Different employers in OPT & H1B

    No Worries. You can work for any employer as long as you the right documents. Your pay might have increased when compared with company 1 that is enough to answer the question switching employer
  15. upenther123

    Visa Approved @Vancouver on Nov 18.

    It should take 2-3 business days to get PIMS updated. No need to worry.