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  1. @sathys01 - Congrats-- This is great news.
  2. Guys, I would like to thank you all for the help I have received from this forum. We just need the extra bit of patience and you should be able to get your visa. I attended my interview back in Dec but I feel time has gone past very quick.
  3. Its should be with visa. My case # shows as ISSUED on consulate website now.
  4. I dropped my ppt 14 June and today june 20 received mail from vfs that ppt will be mailed
  5. Thank You. The Admin Processing cases are moving it will be just a question iof few weeks but I am not sure how they are prioritizing. It could also be in the order on case #. My case # was 2011***** since my interview was in december.
  6. Friends, I have an update. Today I received an email from Chennai SAO that the admin process was complete and need to submit my PPT. Good luck to all of you.
  7. glad2000

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    Today I received an email from Chennai SAO that the admin process was complete and need to submit my PPT. Good luck to all of you. I think the cases are moving.
  8. Congratulations!! That is great new. Thanks for letting us know. I dont think there should be trouble at POE.
  9. glad2000

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    After 3.5 months in AAP I got pink slip in email last week with standard questions to be sent to chennaisao. I am able to see my case # as in progress on the website.
  10. Also wanted to add that mine is EC model but from my interview it seemed like I was given 221g since mine is a very small firm < 10 emp.
  11. This is not my first time stamping. I had gon for stamping in mexico back in 2007 but different company. My last stamping was in 2010 Dec for current company(Chennai Consulate). It went through admin processing but got response in a couple of weeks and client was contacted. The current stamping was extension for same company. I had to go again since my 6yrs of H1 was over and I am getting yearly extensions. Intreview Date 20 Dec 2011-- I was asked who the client was and my job details, LCA and client letter. I received a blue form asking company details(State Unemp wage,tax docs etc), DS -160, PPT, 797, Docs submitted to USCIS with the petiion. Jan 1st - week submitted the docs Feb 1st - week received another blue 221g mentioning AAP and PPT returned 2 days ago - received email as mentioned earlier I do not have any common muslim name not do I work in any sensitive technology. My job title is SW Eng I was surprised that I got it.
  12. My Employer was not contacted. I am not sure if the client was contacted. The client is on vacation since last week. We had informed them months ago that the consulate could contact them but I dont think they were contacted. I think my case was not about EE relationship. The documents they requested were related to employer(tax returns, unemployment wage reports etc) and I was not asked about EE relationship in the interview.
  13. Thank You VisaBlues. It look like the Chennai Consulate is taking an average 3+ months time. So I believe most of you should hopefully get a response soon. Mine seems to be like a pink slip now. I am able to see my case in pdf doc on their website. I have a question about filling the below entry in my form. Do I have to list all the companies I have worked for as I have done in my DS-160 ? Your professional background as follows: Duration : From (mm/yyyy) To (mm/yyyy) Designation : Organization : Place of work (city/state)
  14. Friends, After 3.5 moths of receiving my 221(g) for AAP I get an email from Chennai consulate. Does anybody know what this is for ? Dont know why they are sending this message after it is already in AAP for 3.5 months. This office is unable to act on your visa application at this time, as it requires additional processing. Further action on your case has been suspended under Section 221(g) of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act. No action on your part is required unless expressly stated from the Consular Officer. Kindly send us the following information immediately to initiate the administrative processing. Your professional background as follows: Duration Designation ... etc Your academic background as follows: Year of passing etc List of previous passports you held Details of all your brothers and sisters: List of countries you ever travelled to Please be advised: in most cases, additional processing takes approximately twelve weeks. You may check the status of your case on the Chennai Consulate’s website. If more than 90 days have elapsed, you may send an email with your case number and “(90 days elapsed)” included in the subject line.
  15. Same here. It has been more than 3 months now. I am not sure if the cases in Chennai are slow to move.