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  1. Really MAD USCIS.. Today I received the letter of Denial of EAD for my wife saying that her 485 case was administratively closed ..and hence EAD cant be issued..(the same USCIS has been issuing her 2 EADs and 2 advanced parole for last 3 years) how come????????? So i called up the NSC with atmost frustation and got transfered to L2 ..who told me that her case was closed on april 2009..and my 485 is still ready to be assigned to an officer.... When i told him that uscis has been issuing her ap and ead since 2008..he said.."I am surprised how her case was closed when your 485 is still open" let me open a SR to find the reason for closure of her case..Now I have to wait for next 15 days to see what that SR would bring... Meanwhile I have filed for an infopass to see what can be done... ANyone whose dependent case was wronlgy closed and was able to reopen??? Thxx....
  2. supandieb2

    Belle: EAD Renewal Denial Email

    My wifes EAD renewal application was received on March 12th 2012 and this was her third time renewal ( I485 eb3 to eb2 port -priority june 2006).It was 76th day today since filing and we just sent an Expedite request email/ fax..since EAD is about to expire on June 15th And immediately I got an email from USCIS that the case has been denied and I shall receive the denial notice in 15 days. !!!!!!!! my and her 485 case is pending and how can a simple EAD renewal be denied... ANyone with such crazy USCIS symptoms? Also: My case(I 485 EB2-I had Employment verification/ Birth certificate RFE) which was responded on March 26th 2012, received by uscis on march 27th 2012 when it was also assumed that visas for India and china went Unavailable. But still there can be this possibility that they have approved 485 internally but cant issue Green card till visa available..but atleast they shouldnt deny EAD....may be the actual denial mail letter might shed more light. We called up nation service center and the rep just recited whats available in online status and asked us to wait for 15 days till the denial mail reaches us... Belle or Joe..any comments? Thanks, Supandi
  3. supandieb2

    CIS OMB response

    @Belle--- I found an article on Writ of Mandamus on the following link : http://www.murthy.com/news/n_mssman.html "Availability of Visa Number Required for I-485 Approval ©MurthyDotCom It is necessary to have an available, or “current,” visa number in order to obtain approval of an I-485 application. The writ of mandamus is not appropriate for the many I-485 applications that are delayed, often for years, due to the lack of available visa numbers. " This takes us back to square one...when dates are current for prior to aug 2007 but no visa available...hence no writ of mandamus or i think if we file one on USCIS they might use this excuse to escape..
  4. Thanks Belle! Hope we get the crystal ball soon...A whole bunch of people are in line for your predictions! :-)
  5. Thanks Belle...ALso I want to add that with PD june 2006 I am under India categorry EB2. should I expect an approval ? Thanks!!!
  6. Yes , my lawyer had requested for porting and sent an interfiling letter. I had called USICS for SR after my I140 was approved and got the RFE.
  7. Hello Experts/Belle, I ported my case from eb3 to eb2 and my I140 got approved dec 2011. received RFE on I485 for Employment letter and we responded back on march 27th 2012. Now with the retrogress happening do I have any scope of getting approved as my PD isnt impacted (june 2006). Your thoughts please, Supandi