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  1. Hi, You can go for stamping to mexico if you had done your first stamping in India. Please let me know if you need further information.
  2. srav4visa

    h1b stamping in Vancouver Canada Questions

    Hi VanMay232012, I am having visa stamping on may 18th in vancouver, I am on EVC Model. 1) My Client told according to there policies they cant give client letter for non employees. 2) I got there email signature and details to present in consolate to call them and verify as I am working for them. 3) what I would say is do not present letter without letter head as they would not consider that or may get doubt on you. 4) If you submit letter without letter head still they are not going to accept. 5) what I would suggest is dont submit letter and let them know that according to employee policies they were not able to give you client letter, If you want any details contact so and so person and here are his details. 6) Dont worry even if you get 221g it would be solved based up on the person replying for consolate. If you need any thing please let me know.
  3. babu, At which place did you take motel?
  4. srav4visa

    H1B Stamping in vancouver on May 14

    Guys, Please share your experience once your interview is done..
  5. srav4visa

    H1-B with the client aft 221G from the employer

    Haritha, You did not provide details about who are managing your current project, that may be the reason for refusal. If your client is willing to do make sure they do in perm process which you get h1 in 2 weeks and getting stamped successfully as you will be working for client and does not need to provide all details. success rate for getting visa and stamping will be 100%, unless you speak som thing wrong in the interview which is not there in the docs.
  6. srav4visa

    Successful stamping in Vancouver - 30th April

    PLease can you tell me which hotel we can book over there..
  7. srav4visa

    Successful stamping in Vancouver - 30th April

    Hi arvigiri, Please can you tell me what were the questions asked by VO? and which type of employment are you in, EC or EVC?
  8. Hi All, Any one are having H1 B Visa stamping on May18th, PLease let me know so that we can share accomidation.
  9. Hi MenUTD, Please reply with your details so that we can plan accordingly.
  10. Sam, You can change the center after paying money or cancel the appontment before 24hrs of time. For your questions answer is yes you can change.
  11. Hi MenUTD, I am flying to Vancover on thursday night, Please send me your email id so that we can communicate and plan accordingly. Thanks.
  12. Hi , Any once planning to go to calgary for stamping end of this month, Please let me know.
  13. srav4visa

    Administrative Processing in Calgary

    Hi Bond, what were the questions asked by VO? are you on EVC Model or EC or FT? do you have masters in USA, If yes did you do masters in Computer Science. Please let me know I am also planning for Calgary.
  14. Hi All, I am planning to go for my h1b stamping second time, Please can you suggest which place is better?? would really appreciate your thoughts.
  15. srav4visa

    Administrative Processing in Calgary

    Hi Karthik, Did you get any update?Please let me know, i am planning for calgary..
  16. hi rmr_don, Do you know any one went for stamping recently? what is the status now? I am planning to on may1st.
  17. Hi Sandy, Employee gets the requirements from client through vendor and will pass to you, If you get requirements which happens very rare will discuss with your employee before starting as you are working for your employee, who is having rights to cancel,revoke or pay. that is the reason always you get requirements from employee only.
  18. Hi Sandy, Here are the answers according to my knowledge. Whom do you report to? A: You would be reporting to your manager, i.e your employer not client. who assigns you work? A: your employee assigns you the work. how do you report to your employer? A: updates every week by conference call. If you need any thing let me know.
  19. srav4visa

    Montreal Appointment for H1B stamping

    Hi, Here is my email kumar.kskr@gmail.com Please send me your experience at the consulate.
  20. Hi Kumar, please can you tell me about your experience at Calgary, Is your visa is approved?
  21. srav4visa

    Administrative Processing in Calgary

    Hi Karhtik, did you get any update on your status, Please let me know, It would be great if you send questions asked by VO to my email id kumar.kskr@gmail.com.
  22. Hi, any one can help me with this information, can we change appointments more than 4 to 5 times, Please let me know.
  23. Hi Avish, Thanks for your reply. I am working in US from 4 years and I had changes 4 employees(3 on opt and one on h1b) before my current employee, will I have any issues with my h1b stamping, did you see any case like myne, Please let me know.
  24. srav4visa

    Visa Stamping to Calgiri.

    Hi, I am planning to go for Calgary for h1 b stamping, This is my second time stamping. any one are planning for Calgary end of april Please reply..