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  1. luck2u

    H1B visa in Canada

    @premkalyan521: Got it, thank you!
  2. @avishekc02Don't trust online tools 100% as they have problem. Keep checking with your employer/attorney about status as they receive email/e-fax immediately about updates on your premium case.
  3. luck2u

    H1b processing time -Vermont

    @Harimurali: Is 28th day from RFE response received or from the date of filing original petition in premium processing? Can you please give some insight. Recently I heard that Nebraska Service Center is delaying premium processing and doing refund for premium amount.
  4. @shankbHave you travelled via train or not yet? If so, please share your experience.
  5. Today I went to consulate with all documents as I received call last evening to walk-in. After reviewing documents, my visa is approved and now I'm waiting for passport.
  6. @avishekc02: There is lot of problem in USCIS website and you don't need to get panic as your case is not found. Premium clock starts based on the receipt date on Receipt Notice though you are not able to track.
  7. luck2u

    Am I H1B cap exempt?

    Yes, you are eligible for cap exempt H1B with same employer or any other employer who is willing to sponsor.
  8. luck2u

    No status

    Usually, you need to submit DS 160 for the location where you are attending your visa interview.
  9. Update on my case: Yesterday I received email from Consulate to send additional documents like Payslips, Bank Statements for last 6 months & Last year's tax returns. Hopefully I should hear soon!
  10. @9090Abad: My first recommendation would be Consulate. If you don't have one nearby, try giving a shot at nearest VFS center first and then go to nearest Consulate if you feel the response is not appropriate about status in VFS center.
  11. You might get H4 approved as H4 is a status and EAD is not, it is just employment authorization. Check the validity for both H1B and H4 approvals, most likely in your case you will be considered as H4 becoz the latest approval is the one that is effective if you got I-94 along with I-797's for both approvals.
  12. luck2u

    Reg H1B Stamping after H1 Denied.

    H1B denial will not impact on future H1B visa decision as long as you have all necessary documents.
  13. luck2u

    I-797B issues with consulate as Vancouver

    No, it doesn't matter. You can attend in any Consulate though your I-797B states specific Consulate. You don't need to worry about that, can plan for home country. Good Luck!!
  14. @9090Abad: Now a days though your visa is approved when interacting with Visa Officer at the Consulate, later the status is showing as Administrative Processing for couple of days and then it changes to Issued but in your case, you've mentioned it's for 3 weeks which is so long. Try to walk-in to Information/Enquiry desk at the Consulate and check. Sometimes it works to move your case. Good Luck!
  15. luck2u

    H1B Amendment for remote Proejct

    @PJ09: Not to scare you, to start work Attorneys/Employers say that LCA is enough and no amendment is required but when you inform them that you are going out of country for vacation and need to attend for visa, then they will reveal the fact that Amendment is required. This is my experience and heard from most of my friends. Any material change requires Amendment as per regulation which is effective from August'2015. It is always good to confirm with your Employer/Attorney. Good Luck!