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  1. luck2u

    F1 to H1B Transition

    @kaviTxYou can submit same set of documents (contract between vendor/employer and vendor/client letters) to different employers when filing in cap, that might get your both cases deny. Second one, it would be good if you check with existing employees if you know from that company about how they run business.
  2. luck2u

    F1 to H1B Transition

    I have CPT/I-20 (F1 status) till Aug 22,2020 and got H1B approval effective Oct 1, 2020 from cap this year. Can I apply for B2 to stay in USA for 5 weeks of period and withdraw the B2 COS application in Oct’2020? Will that impact anything when I go for H1B visa at Consulate in future and Port of Entry during my return to USA? Please advise other options if applying and withdrawing B2 COS has risk. Thanks in advance!!
  3. luck2u


    Thanks @User099! Agree to you on H1B person owning a firm, when I took legal consultation I got to know that H4 person can own business even without EAD but cannot work (lack of EAD) i.e., like H1B person investing in some company shares but not working for the same company while H1B is with a different company.
  4. luck2u


    @User099: I didn't got your point. Is it good to be on my name itself so that even we loose H4-EAD, I can still continue business as passive investor being on H1B?
  5. luck2u


    My wife is on H4-EAD, planning to start an LLC for a franchise opportunity. Would you recommend to start an LLC by H4-EAD person as H4-EAD is in jeopardy or recommend me to be included in LLC so that if she lost EAD, we can still continue business on my name as a passive investor, being on H1B. Please advise.
  6. @gopalakrishnachYes, received email as appointment is cancelled which I scheduled for month of July in India.
  7. Anyone got email about visa appointment cancellation that was scheduled for future due to COVD-19? If so, is this applicable for appointments only in India or any other countries?
  8. luck2u

    H4 Visa 221g white slip -H4 petetion

    @Luck01As my wife was given 221(g) asking for primary-H1B's petition documents that were filed with USCIS, she directly dropped all documents thru dropbox and after that within 4 days she was asked to drop the passport.
  9. Anyone got I-94 extensions from CBP officer in Washington, DC Metro Area airports (IAD/BWI) for those who got I-94 for less period than visa due to passport expiration date?
  10. @rh07_bhatt: Can you please update the outcome here in this thread which will be helpful for others? Thanks in advance!!
  11. @wonders: Thanks for posting your experience! May I know which border have you crossed and returned to USA?
  12. Anyone planned to attend for their visa in Matamoros in mid May'2019? If so, please respond to connect to plan together.
  13. My wife is on H4 and have valid I-94 till Jan'2022 as part of extension (current visa on passport got expired). Can she visit Canada for 2 days and return back to USA by road without attending for her H4 visa in Canada?
  14. luck2u

    Emergency Travel to India on H1B

    @juighate: If your friend qualifies to attend in Mexico but don't have time to travel to Mexico, be prepared for India and keep checking as dates in various consulates in India are updating periodically. I've seen one of my colleague initially got a long waiting date in Chennai and within few days he got a date very close by in Chennai. Good Luck and sorry to hear the emergency for your friend!
  15. @smorr6: Thanks for sharing update! Good to hear that they asked to drop passport for correction, let's hope you'll get visa for the period matching with I-797 approval notice.