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  1. luck2u

    H4 Visa 221g white slip -H4 petetion

    @Luck01As my wife was given 221(g) asking for primary-H1B's petition documents that were filed with USCIS, she directly dropped all documents thru dropbox and after that within 4 days she was asked to drop the passport.
  2. Anyone got I-94 extensions from CBP officer in Washington, DC Metro Area airports (IAD/BWI) for those who got I-94 for less period than visa due to passport expiration date?
  3. @rh07_bhatt: Can you please update the outcome here in this thread which will be helpful for others? Thanks in advance!!
  4. @wonders: Thanks for posting your experience! May I know which border have you crossed and returned to USA?
  5. Anyone planned to attend for their visa in Matamoros in mid May'2019? If so, please respond to connect to plan together.
  6. My wife is on H4 and have valid I-94 till Jan'2022 as part of extension (current visa on passport got expired). Can she visit Canada for 2 days and return back to USA by road without attending for her H4 visa in Canada?
  7. luck2u

    Emergency Travel to India on H1B

    @juighate: If your friend qualifies to attend in Mexico but don't have time to travel to Mexico, be prepared for India and keep checking as dates in various consulates in India are updating periodically. I've seen one of my colleague initially got a long waiting date in Chennai and within few days he got a date very close by in Chennai. Good Luck and sorry to hear the emergency for your friend!
  8. @smorr6: Thanks for sharing update! Good to hear that they asked to drop passport for correction, let's hope you'll get visa for the period matching with I-797 approval notice.
  9. @smorr6: Can you please update in this thread about the final outcome and approach.
  10. When you enter into USA with new visa, you will be getting I-94 based on your existing visa. Check with your employer/attorney about how to approach consulate on validity that was issued.
  11. My parents are eligible for Interview Waiver as their existing B1/B2 visa is valid till June'2019. To drop the passports and necessary documents at VFS, does the applicant only have to visit VFS location or can anyone on their behalf submit the documents/passport? Thanks in advance!!
  12. One of my cousin attended for H1B visa interview in Chennai, India on March 7 (Thursday), here is the experience: Went to panel no : 28 Vo: .. so you are working for XXX Me: yes VO: where do you work Me: XXX,XX VO: how many employees are working with current employer Me: XX VO: who’s is ur client Me: XXXXXX VO: do you work directly for client Me: I work for XXX vendor and from there I support client VO: Ok.. so XXX is your vendor.. do you have client and vendor letter Me: XXX is implementation partner and gave vendor letter and another vendor letter VO: checked and asked.. ohhh vendor2 is another vendor.. do you have client letter Me : No .. I don’t have it.. VO: what’s ur highest qualification Me.: masters degree VO: from ? ME: XXXXX University VO: from how many days are you with current employer..? Me: XX months VO: when did you get you h1 . Me: oct 1 2018 VO: so employer filed for you.. and how much is ur salary Me: XXK per annum VO: can I see ur i 797C Me : gave doc Vo: I would like to see ur lca and i129 Me: Gave sealed envelope given by my employer Vo: I won’t open this.. please open and give me the docs Me: gave from my copy VO: checked something in system and she took them to some other room and came back after 5-10 and told me .. thank you for your patience.. Gave yellow slip and asked me to wait in the lobby and she told someone will call you with your name.. please go for now Me:: sure Waited for 20-25 mins in the lobby and then they called me and told to go to Panel No 32 which is in some other room and no one was there After 15 mins another VO came to panel 32 VO: from when you are working for client Me: from XX'20XX VO: but you were in OPT that time and you told you got h1b.. did you work for same employer during your OPT.. Me: NO.. during OPT I worked through different employer.. but he was not willing to sponsor h1... at that time I found this employer and he was willing to sponsor h1 and he filed.. VO: ok.. who’s your employer during your OPT Me: XXXXXX (old employer) VO: so till what time you worked for XXXX (old employer) Me: till october VO: how much did you pay for current employer for filing h1 Me: NO.. I didn’t pay anything VO: oh then they might have deducted from your pay.. is it so..? Me: No.. they didn’t deduct anything VO: can I check you pay slips from october Me: I don’t have for october.. but I’ve from November.. VO: ok.. no pbm.. and then she checked pay slips and she calculated for 2 mins on white paper and then she asked .what’s your highest qualification Me: masters VO: from ..? Me: XXXX University VO: graduated in which year..? ME: Year & Month VO: what other universities did you apply for apart from your university ME: mentioned few.. XXXX,XXXX,XXXX VO: did you get admission from any of them..? ME: yes .. I got for some.. VO: do you have i20’s me: no .. I don;t have them VO: it’s ok.. do you have any i20s from your university Me : gave all i20’s VO:: checked everything and took some printouts.. and asked do you have any supporting letter from client Me: no.. i don;t have VO: Who Pay you.. Me: current employer VO: does current employer have direct relation with Tier1 vendor Me: No VO: why are you having these many vendors Me: don’t know what to tell.. and told employer doesn’t have direct relation with Tier1 vendor VO : ok.. so it’s like Tier1 vendor is having job for you for next 24 months Me: yes VO: do you have any contract agreement or proof between Tier1 vendor and client Me: no.. I don’t have it.. VO: why..? Me: I’ve asked them.. they are not willing to provide VO: ok.. thank you.. and she told to wait in the lobby..and some one will call you Me: thanks Again went to lobby and waited there After 10 mins they called me again and told to go to 28 panel VO: please take your documents Me: took all my documents Vo: what’s ur validity for your h1 Me: till sept 2020 Vo: checked something in system for 2-3 mins and asked where’s your employer located Me: XXXX,XX Vo: ok.. your visa is approved. All the best and have a nice stay Me: I told thanks
  13. luck2u

    H1 Transfer

    No, one has to be in some immigration status legally to file for change of status. In the example you've mentioned once H1B transfer is denied with Company B and by that time if Company A revokes, you don't have a status in USA to file change of status. It is good to check with attorney about your exact situation before you take any step to avoid unnecessary problems. Good Luck!!
  14. @A4PP: When you attend for your visa you will get the visa stamped on your passport for the entire validity of I-797 whereas in port of entry you will get I-94 validity till end of your passport though you have valid visa stamped on your passport beyond the passport expiration date. FYI, recently I even got in the same manner as my H1B is valid till Jan'2022 but Passport expires Dec'2019 (soon).
  15. Today status is updated as Issued and got tracking number as it's on the way to pickup location (post office).