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  1. puneet.30

    Clarification required regarding EAD

    I understand that point but is it mandatory to not leave the US till the EAD is pending is the question. Heard that this might change the visa number and thus nullify the pending EAD request ??
  2. puneet.30

    Clarification required regarding EAD

    if anyone has any idea on this one. Please let me know..
  3. puneet.30

    Clarification required regarding EAD

    Hi, My wife is having L2 visa and traveling to the US in May on a long term assignment. I have an L2 with me and plan to travel in couple of months to apply for EAD. My query is : 1. Do I need to quit my current job in India to apply for EAD when I've travelled to US on L2? 2. If 1 is not the case, then can I apply for EAD and immediately travel back and continue my job (since it takes good 3 months atleast for EAD formalities).