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  1. I received administrative Processing slip from Calgary, Canda on 4/30. the slip does not say 221G,I'm not sure if it is 221G or not. That letter has list of additional documents to be submitted for processing but VO checked the last box named other and wrote like "Suggest interview be done in India". I would appreciate if someone can answer my question below. 1. I checked status online from ceasc.state.gov, it says Administrative processing. Should I attend interview in India? or wait here until the status changes to something
  2. pjagadish86: yes, I did MS in USA
  3. I have visa interview scheduled on April 30 at Calgary, Canada. Please contact me at ****************@gmail.com to discuss about the accommodation and travel plans.
  4. vanc0425

    Visa interview @ Calgary, Canada on April 30?

    seems that id is blocked by the forum. please send email to ************* at gmail dot com
  5. I have visa appointment on 7/23/2012. Please send me a message if anyone has appointment on same day or next day so we can disucss about sharing accomadation
  6. I have visa appointment on July 23. I'm looking for someone who has interview on or in the week of july 23rd to share accomadation. Please reply to this post or email me at srini921@gmail.com so we can discuss. Thanks for reading
  7. hi, I have appointment on april 25th, you can contact me srini.wlg@gmail.com
  8. vanc0425

    Successfull Ottawa Stamping

    jackandjay, Can you forward me the answers for the questions? my email id is srini.wlg@gmail.com
  9. Hi Srinu, I have a visa appointment on april 25, may be we can get in touch and plan our trip. here is my email id srini.wlg@gmail.com