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  1. rahul412

    Changing Employer

  2. Relax, everything should be alright. They just wanted to do some BG check on your Education I guess.
  3. Your attorney is right.No need of new visa
  4. rahul412

    work Authorization for paralegal

    No way around in your case. She has to go for H1.
  5. rahul412

    H1 stamping - question on PIMS

    Don't worry about the PIMS, even if its not updated it will be delayed for not more than 2 days(I guess).
  6. rahul412

    I140 NOID

    Chances of approval depends on the response you submitted.
  7. Go for EB3 now, later you can file under EB2. Any how there are zero chances for you get your GC in next 30 yrs either its EB2 or EB3.
  8. rahul412

    H1B denied- Do i get my money back?

    And hence you lost your money. Unless and until job seekers doesn't change their thinking about H1, these fraud employers will exists and abuse H1 to maximum extent. I kinda feel like ppl deserve this kind of treatment.Sorry about that.
  9. rahul412

    Missed LCA

    Once your H1 amendment is approved, if you get new I94 with it then you're safe, if not then you need to cross the border and enter into US with new I94. If you have valid H1 visa then no need of attending visa interview.
  10. rahul412

    Priority date question

    Yes, but check with an attorney.
  11. rahul412

    Missed LCA

    Your employer answered your question. You might travel out and enter on H1.
  12. rahul412

    CPT to H1B

    Just wait, you will know result of working in CPT. It took years for govt to track CPT abuse, same goes here. If you can work on CPT then why you need H1? If both are same then why they have two programs?
  13. rahul412

    work Authorization for paralegal

    Is she eligible for H4 EAD.
  14. rahul412

    H1B denied- Do i get my money back?

    Hmm, that money is gone.Paying for H1 is ILLEGAL and your employer is a FRAUD bcos he took money for H1. Why didn't you think about this before you paid for your H1? Why haven't you did any research on H1 before moving forward with this fraud employer?
  15. rahul412

    I140 for non employees

    Yes, he can file your I140.