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  1. Asinv3

    I94 expiration & H1B transfer

    Yes, Thank you, have already informed the employer. Plan is to file H1 during 1st week of Apr in PP and hope that it gets Approved in 2 - 3 weeks time. Yes, you 're right, the 1st day of work would be 02 May 2022 so my question if new H1 is Approved on or before Apr 21 2022 and work commences on 02 May 2022, is the gap ok or will it bring about any status issues?
  2. Hi - I got laid off this month, H1b is valid till Apr 2023 however, I94 expires on 21 Apr 2022 due to passport validity. I was told that I have time till I94 expiration to find another job. I am currently in the process of changing to a new employer who would be filing my H1b Transfer but the offer start date is 02 May 2022. So, with premium processing, if the H1B gets approved before 21 Apr 2022 with 3 yrs validity and I start my new job on 02 May 2022. Will that put me out of status between 21 Apr 2022 & 02 May 2022?
  3. Asinv3

    Laid off before 180 days of 485 filing

    Thank You attorney_15 & Rakesh_1 The I-140 was not withdrawn by the previous employer & I joined the new employer on H1b on the 183rd day but my termination was on the 165th day after filing AOS.
  4. Hi All, Here's a snapshot of my situation: * AP / EAD / I-485 receipt notice date: 20th Oct 2020 * I-140 was approved back in 2016 * Employer has given me a month's notice which means I won't with the I-485 filing employer for 180 days and I am falling short by a couple of weeks. * Another employer has offered me a job with similar roles & responsibilities and willing to file 485 J supplement after 180 days 1) Do I need to restart my Green card from PERM? 2) Will there be any issues with AOS adjudication? 3) Do I need to maintain H1 status or safe to go on EAD once Approved? Thanks Abi
  5. Hi - I would like to start a discussion for DS5535 questionnaire issued under 221(g) pink slip at the US Consulate, Chennai. Summary: * H1B renewal * 6th time visa stamping & 4th 221(g) * Work full time for a reputed firm * Have a Common Muslim name. Timelines: 24th June 2019 – Dropped off PPT’s at VAC 28th June 2019 – Status updated to administrative processing 01st July 2019 – Received e-mail that PPT is ready for pickup 08th July 2019 – Collected PPT’s with 221(g) Blue form asking to appear for an interview 09th July 2019 – Appeared for the interview (only primary applicant, gave fingerprints, no documents asked, 4 basic questions, VO collected PPT’s, gave Pink 221(g) form with case and asked me to respond to the E-mail) 09th July 2019 – Received questionnaire asking 15 yrs of biographical history 09th July 2019 – CEAC status updated 10th July 2019 – Sent filled out questionnaire back **No updates thereafter**
  6. Hi @Aarav27 - Have you received any updates on your case?
  7. Thank You Shekar11...My return flight was today, so had called up the DOS to check on the status and I was told that my case is being processed locally at the Consulate and that I should contact them for any questions...I am not sure what that exactly means but I haven't seen any update yet on CEAC, so had to cancel my flight. Keeping fingers crossed!!
  8. Thank You @shekar11# I did collect the passports. It had a 221g blue slip requesting for a couple of documents and appear for an interview which I did as well. No documents were checked. After some very basic questions, the VO gave a pink slip with case number. Later, that day I was asked to fill out a questionnaire asking for 15 yrs biographical history, social media info etc which was also filled out and sent back to the consulate. Now, I am waiting to hear back from them with bated breath.
  9. Hi - Myself & wife came to Chennai, INDIA for our 6th H1B/H4 visa stamping. I am working full time & wife on H4-EAD. We were eligible for the Interview Waiver Program, so we dropped off the passports & documents at VAC, Chennai on Mon, Jun 24th 2019. Case was Created on Tue, Jun 25th 2019. CEAC status changed for both applications to Administrative processing on Fri, Jun 28th 2019. We received emails from US-traveldocs on Mon, Jul 01st 2019 that both our passports are ready to be picked up however, CEAC still shows administrative processing which was last updated on Fri, Jun 28th as of Tue, Jul 02nd 2019. Hence, checking to see what this means and if anybody had similar experience(s)? Would appreciate your feedback / input with this regard.
  10. All - I am also in a similar situation working for company 'A' on 8th yr of H1B, PD is Jan 2011, EAD Approved Mar 2011, currently on H1B Extn based on 140 valid till Jun 2016. My question is if I take an offer from company 'B', when they file for my H1 based on my previous I-140 typically what would be the window that we could get the I-797 Approval for? would it be the remaining till Jun 2016 or 3 yrs from the date of approval from the new employer 'B'. Your help with this regard highly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Asinv3

    H4 Visa stamping at Chennai- Issued Pink slip

    Congrats Fathimazishan...I know it is very irritable going through these hassles esp with Family...But in the end happy that everything ended up well...I will be appearing for H1 & my wife for H4 in Oct 2013...Hoping for the best...
  12. Hi , I am currently on my 7th yr of H1B (3 yrs extn after I-140 Approval). I have been a direct employee for a financial firm the past 5 yrs. I haven't traveled outside the US in these 5 yrs and I would be going to India to attend my sisters marriage in Sep. My last visa stamping was from F1 to H1b in Ottawa, Canada under the E-V-V-C model. I was subjected to admin processing and so, I had to fly from Canada to India and back to Canada after 4 months once the visa got approved. I do have a common muslim name and the visa stamping from 2007 has the annotation: not identifiable with class entries, not sure if this is due to the name check or what it is. So I am contemplating whether to go to Canada or India this time, but the legal / attorney @ my office say its always a better option to go to the home country for visa stamping. What would be best for my scenario as I have already been subjected to admin processing in Canada and what are my chances if I go to India. Your suggestions & feedback is appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  13. Hi - I am also in a similar situation. Only diff is I am planning to fly later this year so by then the new petition date would have kicked in. If you have your new petition on hand while you appear for stamping, then I am not sure. If it is still pending, then it is a no brainer, stamping will be valid only till Jun 2013. I would recommend that you talk to your company attorney to see what would be best for your case. All the best!
  14. Asinv3

    2nd time Visa Stamping

    Thank You for taking time and RE: to the post. Yes, I have been told the same by the company's attorney. I was told when u goto a foreign country, names might be tallied against local databases as well. So it is always better to goto your home country. So, now I am contemplating going to Canada. Also, I have few committments, so at this time I think I would just goto Chennai Consulate for Stamping and my very first F1 stamping was from there with no issues.
  15. Asinv3

    2nd time Visa Stamping

    I will definitely take these things into consideration. Also, I did the same back in 2008 but it wasn't planned so had to fly to India from Canada once the wait crossed 10 days. So, this time around once my ticket and vacation is confirmed, I would have to plan it out accordingly. Thank you very much for taking time and posting your feedback.