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  1. Congrats rkreddy46. h1 transfer is also cap-exempt. wonder how it was approved. anyways happy for your approval
  2. veerun14

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    Hello harry, Do you have any update on this one? please let us know when you get a chance
  3. veerun14

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    understood. my bad. I just saw all the stages in USCIS page. I will read and post carefully.
  4. I understand and accept it. It is not USCIS fault. The fault lies with attorney and me for not knowing. I completely get it. if I had a chance to do it again, sure I would do it differently. what I heard from SanBob and him talking to the attorneys, is that if your original H1B was approved (yes, as an error), but by the time it was approved on that year, if there was General quota still open, some attorneys raised this case and looks like they have won on it. I am asking you guys( joeF, jairichi) as I can clearly see you are senior members and give advise to future students not to attend these schools ---what do you think of this point. I know you have seen a lot of cases like this --but I want to get your experience on this specific point
  5. sadly yes. do know the answer to my original question? if so, please help
  6. check when your wife's first H1B was approved. if it was approved before the date when the General quota that year has closed, then uscis will attempt to bump her into the general quota. if it is after, then there is a problem
  7. veerun14

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    Hello Harry1903, In the first post, you mentioned that you have applied for H1-B under Master's cap? Can you confirm. Congrats on your approval. I think you were saved because by the time your h1b approval was done, there was still some general quota that year and USCIS might have bumped you into that. Anyways, did you attorney tell why you were approved? It is important since I am kind of in the same boat
  8. veerun14

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    I think SanBob is right. what he is saying is: One reason why your RFE might have changed back to initial review and subsequent acceptance is that, at the time of your first H1B approval (the time when USCIS says that they have made a mistake when they did not consider your university as for-profit), the general quota was still open (--according to SanBob, it will still open until the Jan of next year--) and they might have moved you to the general quota as any invalid master's degree would automatically go to general quota (unless there i s pure blunder in your status itself) It makes sense, that they moved you to general quota now for a two year old petition -- because, it was their mistake not to do so that year w hich was required. Hence, you were saved. I have also seen the exact thing in this forum where in one of the candidate's RFE (just like yours), USCIS have explicitly mentioned that they have tried to move him to general quota. Unfortunately, in his case, he was not lucky as you are. link to that thread
  9. veerun14

    H1B Extension "Profit university"

    hello Sunnyvale, I think it is a serious issue. actually, I am in the same boat. my H1B expires in 2015. I think we should look at alternatives. I asked a question on this forum (not there yet), if H1B extension can be filed using a different master's degree from another university than the original h1b was approved? hope someone answers that.
  10. Hello all, I have a question. I am currently on H1B with a Master's degree from one university. Can I file for H1B extension with a degree from another university? please help
  11. Hi all, Here is my case I am on OPT status and my employer filed for H1-B petition this year and it got approved. Now, i have a better opportunity with another big big company and i want to work with them. 1. Can i transfer my current approved H1-B to the new company and start work with them? OR 2. Should the new company file for a new H1-B (since h1-b is not started yet, as you know, it starts from Oct 1st)? My opt expires June 6 this year Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks -veeru
  12. veerun14

    very complex case??

    thanks immigrationSeeker one more question: when my h1b is approved with the first company and i switch to another company, are you saying i still need to file for a new H1B petition again. Why will H1 transfer work in my case please let me know
  13. veerun14

    very complex case??

    thanks all @rockysaha First of all even if the H1 gets approved before June 6th, it will be active only from October 1st 2012. So the time from June 6th to October 1st you will be out of status. Yes ! rocky....i am on OPT and OPT F1 students have a cap-gap programme that allows them to work between june and october @ pontevecchio have u come across cases like this. @bigjoe i appreciate your help, but i couldn't get what you are saying. can you please elaborate
  14. veerun14

    very complex case??

    i bet some one must have come across this kind of situation.... if so, can you please shed some light on this
  15. veerun14

    Tricky H1B situation

    hmm...i am in exactly the same situation as you are...i am also looking for an answer to this. lets wait and see if some one can answer this question...more importantly question 2 i see the user @immigrationseeker answering a lot of such questions...may be he can shed some light on this